friday five//parks & rec

On Wednesday night I finished the last season of Parks & Rec. 7 seasons in total and while the show finished on a good note I wasn't ready to say goodbye. I am currently in awesome-show mourning. The same kind that hits me whenever I finish all of Golden Girls. There's sadness, denial and longing. A kind of heavy feeling, an ache. I miss Pawnee.

Parks & Rec def. has a Golden Girls feel to it -- the always kind of show. Re-watchable. Uplifting. Fun. With that in mind {and the desperate need to start from the beginning again}, today I am going to share my five favourite moments from the show --

My all time favourite moment is when Garry/Jerry/Terry/Larry is given the honorary position as Mayor {from which he'll continue to be re-elected) and Leslie throws him a confirmation. The character is such a lovable oaf and I think he's adorable. This scene is such a fitting conclusion and so well deserved after seven seasons of being mocked mercilessly. Just look at his face! So cute.

This photo of April & Andy before they become a couple -- a glimpse into the wonderful couple they'll become. I love it, like a premonition of sorts. I adore that the photo continues to pop up throughout the series. Pure joy.

Ben & Leslie's wedding is ridiculous and kind of almost-wasn't and I love that because it screams "them". I love that they didn't have a huge wedding, that all they wanted was to just be married and that at the end they sat together in front of this painting.

I tried {I promise!} to pick a favourite Ron moment but I just couldn't. Too hard. Let's do algebra instead. I love Ron. All his scenes but particularly his love of breakfast food, whenever he's with Tammy Two and whenever he gives a speech. 

When Ann leaves. I love Leslie and Ann's friendship but I could just never like Ann so when she left it was kind of the best day of my life. Sorry Rashida Jones. But the real reason I love this moment in the show was because it was poignant and sweet and because they drove off to Wildflowers by Tom Petty and it just made my heart happy. 


the great brow tragedy of twenty sixteen

For the past three plus years I have been growing out my brows. When I was a teen thin brows were in so I went crazy and plucked them into oblivion. Fast forward ten plus years and I got into makeup, thick brows became a thing and I tried, mostly in vain, to grow my sparse and patchy brows out. It was going quite well actually until a week or so ago and, look, I may never recover.

Picture it, April twenty sixteen. B. and I are shopping and my brows are in desperate need of a tidy and a tint. I shuffle into a place I'd never been before and like I always do I tell them what I want done except... I have never needed to tell someone that I am growing my brows out because it's obvious! and it's just what's done okay? But, look, I obviously got too content in the fact that brow people just know what growing out brows look like because she waxed it all away. Ugh.

My brows have now reverted back to thin, patchy, hideousness and I want to cry. Three years plus down the drain and I don't know if I can even be bothered attempting the grow out again. It took so darn long to get them even forty percent back to normal and I'm just not sure I have the energy for it anymore. 

It's stupidly heartbreaking. I do feel devastated because my brows are important to me and I tried so darn hard to get them how I wanted them and I was almost there! And now I'm back to where I started and life kind of feels less awesome.


being mum//an ode to bugadoo

There once was a toy ladybug pillow called Bugadoo. He arrived into our family via a random shopping trip at the Coles near our house. Bailey was still in my tummy. After B. was born she and Bugadoo {not known as that at the time because he had yet to be named by his owner} were kind of stand-of-ish friends because, well, B. was a baby and Bugadoo didn't squeak or crinkle or rattle. At precisely six months of age Bailey and Bugadoo became firm friends. 

At one B. {who was now, age-wise, ready to sleep with toys in her bed} and Bugadoo became one. They did everything together. When B. started kindy/day care Bugadoo went with her. When B. went to bed Bugadoo was by her side. One day, after a particularly busy day at kindy, Bailey left Bugadoo behind and for three nights the two friends were seperated. Bailey's parents bought her a Mickey Mouse pillow/blanket/kinda sleeping bag to soothe the Bugadoo void. By Monday morning Bugadoo and B. were reunited and all was right with the world. Until...

One night Bugadoo was lost. Forever. Trips to Kmart and Target yielded no results for a replacement and, so, the family returned home, dejected. It was then, at their lowest point, that the youngest, one Bailey Gaff, had a lightbulb moment. He's at ball's house! she exclaimed. And so he was. "Ball's house" happened to be the side of our house where her balls lived. Happily ever after resumed.

And then one day, there was shopping and play lands and some more shopping and Bugadoo was really lost forever. Almost five years together and B. and Bugadoo were no longer. B. cried. I cried. Husband searched the shops the next day but, alas, Bugadoo was gone. The toy shop in which he had been left had no clues to his whereabouts and we can only assume that someone looked at his ragged state and assumed he was a) trash and threw him in with his people or b) so well loved and in need of more so took him home. Either way, whoever met Bugadoo deserves a lengthy jail sentence and should be very ashamed of themselves. But enough about them...

And in all seriousness, we miss Bugadoo. He was a toy, yes, but he was a big part of our lives. B. sought comfort in his soft squishy form. He purchased ladybug themed gifts for B. at Christmas and B. went on special shopping trips to buy Bugadoo gifts of his very own that she "helpfully" unwrapped for him. They were two peas in a pod and their bond made me happy.

Now that Bugadoo is gone I kind of miss him. Even his weird faded eyes that made him look dead inside. Even though his stuffing had lost its "stuffed" quality. He meant everything to B. so he meant everything to me. She gave him a kiss and hug every day before she left for school. When she was scared all she needed to do was grab Bugadoo and she'd feel brave. Now she has none of that. She's lost her comfort-toy, a special part of her childhood, and my heart breaks for her.

Without Bugadoo she feels alone at night. No amount of stuffed toy buying will create that security for her. I know one day she'll feel right again but until that day comes I kind of feel lost, as though I failed at parenting in some way, as if I failed her.

I like to soothe myself with the idea that some little kid picked up Bugadoo and had never been able to have a toy before. Perhaps his mum said that Bugadoo was lost and needed someone to love him and now that kid and Bugadoo are best friends and Bugadoo is helping make someone else feel safe. But, look, lets face facts, even if that's true that kid is a stupid fucker, Bugadoo is scared and alone andd probably turning evil like that bear in Toy Story 3 and those parents should be forever sleepless.

The end. 


friday five

This week has been a strange mix of working {which feels unnatural during school holidays}, being sick, rest, play & tears and I'm just glad it's coming to end even if next week marks school back for B. Since I've been feeling a bit blah and am in no real mood to do anything aside from wear pyjamas and be lazy I'm sharing the five things that have helped make this dream into reality this week. Here goes nothing --

Parks & Rec. -- hilarious. Two words: Ron Swanson. The end.

Studio Kylie Stickers -- I may have placed another order. I may be getting ready to break into another planner come March 30 to replace my 2016 planner that I spent $60 on and got bored with 2 months in. Studio Kylie is amazing so, really, these stickers were an essential part of life. 

B. -- something BIG happened this week which was the cause of many tears shed. Being around this kid can be heart breaking at times {more on this later} but, also, the best thing in the entire world. B. has just started telling us "jokes". Her idea of comedy is putting cucumbers in the pantry. Or a dog toy on the floor. Hilarious stuff.

Perfect Pairs -- these stickers from Confessions By Court will be my new "date night" stickers & even though I haven't received them yet {1-2 weeks, really???} I love them already.

Delicious Bedding -- there's just something about lazing around with gorgeously soft & whimsical bedding that makes my heart happy. I love this pillow case from Adairs but is it just me or do peas and corn go better together?


being mum//bunchems, b. & me

 *just so you know this post is brought to you by Nuffnang and Bunchems

Let's start off this post by being completely honest shall we? Before being sent Bunchems I was scared of them. I had dabbled with the idea of gifting some to B. for Christmas last year but all I saw online was how horrible these crafty little things were. They get stuck in your hair! they said. Stay away! So I did...

But here's the thing, and I'm not just saying this because I was sent these, why would my kid put these in her hair? She's almost five. She knows what's what. So, fear and crisis adverted because seriously...

 B. & I were sent the Mega Pack with comes with over 400 pieces. There are 36 accessories which include eyes, pretty mouths, legs and adorable hats & glasses {kind of like a modern version of Mr. Potato Head}.

The pack we received had a fun mix of colours -- red, purple, orange, yellow, white, black, blue & green. They come separated in this cardboard box. The accessories came in plastic bags which means there's no section to store them, however, you also get this little container {which displays the colours at the front of the package} which is a perfect size for all the bits & bobs.

After digging into the package we started building right away. I was instantly hooked but B. had some trouble in the beginning because she thought the Bunchems were "too wobbly" and "too tricky" to use. After some pouting she came back to them with fresh eyes {since we explained they were meant to be flexible & reusable) and fell in love.

{psst... I love that they look like flowers from this angle}

We made cookie monster-chicken hybrids & funny fairies...

& then this weirdly adorable little guy.

The pack also comes with a guide which gives you ideas and tells you how to make certain things -- like this unicorn which *ahem* is wonderful right? I decided it needed sunglasses which is what I love most about the Bunchems. There's no one way to do things. No rules. No mess. No limits.

For me Bunchems are for adults & kids alike. The furry "burr" like plastic spheres aren't sharp or uncomfortable and they're easy to mold and are wonderfully squeezable. I like that they combine construction and craft, giving us a nice break from Lego or Play-Doh and bringing the three of us together.

Bailey's favourite part is {and I quote}: they feel like squeeze.

& I just love that they're fun and easy. There's no need for glue, no way that the ridiculous mess of glitter needs to be included and no fear of stepping on these in the middle of the night and experiencing labour-like pains in your foot. 

Now that we've tried them and stamped out the Bunchems in hair fear I would definitely pick these up in store for B. & me for all the reasons already said and because the other night B. went to bed dreaming about building a house with these and me. Love that.

If you want to try Bunchems you can purchase them here


cleaning the stash

When it comes to beauty products I am obsessed with buying and obsessed with purging. If something is a disappointment I don't keep it around. Some go to B. but the majority get thrown out. I also *try* and keep things at a minimum because I get very anxious with clutter and my makeup hoarding was just getting too darn ridiculous. I store the majority of my beauty products in a long drawer in my room. I try to keep it tidy and organised but, look, I'm a lazy fool okay? The other night I finally broke from stress about this darn drawer and hey presto! I cleaned it. Go me. Here's how it went down --

 Have pulled out my drawer and gathered my brush bag. Why are there gross used tissues and empty packaging things here? Why am I so bloody lazy?

First thing first is to take everything out one at a time and sort it into piles -- keep and trash. Then clean out all the gunk. I wiped out the empty drawer {though some makeup stains would not budge} and my two creamy-white tubs.

This is all the trash. That Revlon mousse foundation is just blah, the Bareminerals Bareskin is so nice but the packaging is hideous. The rest are either too worthless to keep or very old. Look at all those lip products! I'll miss them. Those sponges are not wet-able and, so, pointless to me. I gave the ecotools brush, a bronzer and eyeshadow to B. The rest is trash.

This is all the keep -- a huge jumbled mess. Sort it all out...

& get this...

Sort through your bags and pull together your travel stuff. Keep the essentials in the 'it' kit that you can't be without when out. The rest goes in the bin {that eos is trash} or back in the drawer. And...

Perfection. Minimal. Love.

There are only 2 products in here that I don't actually use -- the Chanel & the YSL which are more memento pieces and ones that I cherish {Husband got me the YSL before we were even married & the Chanel is from our 3rd wedding anniversary}.

& that's it! I kind of love the challenge of purging my stuff on a monthly basis whether it be beauty, clothes, accessories or other stuff around the home. A minimal {to me} stash makes my head feel clearer and makes getting ready so darn easy.

Also, I really want to point out that my NARS eyelash curler is still the best beauty purchase I have ever made and is still going strong 3+ years later. Love it. 


current fave "make me pretty" picks

Too Faced Bulletproof Brows -- waxy & simple to use
Zoeva 142 Concealer Buffer -- deliciously soft
Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Wow in Raspberry Tangy -- a soft and subtle colour that nourishes and protects
Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able Full Coverage Concealer -- perfect for spots & under eyes {use with Zoeva with a flawless finish} 


friday five//early picks for mum

Sometimes, Mother's Day seems like such a sham because a) I don't have a mum so the day is all about me and that feels weird and b) there's no kids day {and there really should be} so I feel like a greedy bitch. Also, it's such a Hallmark day isn't it? Sure, it's nice to have presents and get spoiled but you know what? Bailey appreciates me every day of the year so, really, every day with that kid is, as soppy as it sounds, Mother's Day. Still, Husband likes to celebrate me as mum {because I am pretty darn awesome} and B. loves that there's a special day just for me so I can't be too grinchy about it now can I?

This year I'm getting in early to share five picks that are perfect for Mother's Day {hallmark-y sop and all} --

one. this peony nightie|peter alexander -- pyjamas are scientifically proven to make people feel better. Scientists also believe that the more a mum wears pyjamas the better mum she'll be. True {false} facts.
two. this pug tea towel|typo -- I have a pug tea towel that it is framed and on the wall in my home. I also need this one for the exact same reason but hung in the kitchen.
three. a polka dotted pom pom throw|lark store -- The mum who collects throws as if her life depends on it is the coolest mum of all. Hey, I do that! Well, look at that. And, look, let's pretend that the mums who do this are doing it for the comfort of those around them. Yeah. Sure.
four. this disney princess art therapy colouring book|amazon -- sure your mum might already have twenty colouring books but, look, she obviously needs more even though she may tell you and others that they shouldn't hoard products but, look, mums who like Disney and colouring are above all that.
five. this mug|kikki-k -- for the mumma who likes tea. Me! I like tea! And despite not being totally into manufactured celebrations I will now declare that if I don't receive this for Mother's Day I'll chuck a massive tantrum and will not leave my bed.


being mum//our favourite kids reads

I've shared our favourite family reads before -- here with One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, here with This is a Ball and here with Don't Push the Button!. Today I have a compilation of our most recent favourite picture books that we excitedly pull out whenever we get the chance.

Dinosaur Dump -- I have loved Matt Stanton since This is a Ball so when I happened upon this while Christmas shopping I knew I had to get it for B. It's a slightly gross and hilariously funny story about what really happened to the dinosaurs and, of course, it's grosser than you think.

I Love You Always -- is short and sweet. I love reading this to B. because it puts into words how I feel about her when I am hideously ineloquent in that regard.

Love You Forever -- B. adores this one just as much as I do. We read it together now and I love seeing her face light up when she hears/says: i'll love you forever, i'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be. And now, when I least expect it, B. will come up to me and give me a kiss and repeat the song and it just makes me giddy.

Pig the Pug, Pig the Fibber & Pig the Winner -- oh, Pig. You're hilarious and kind of stupid and just a wonderful addition to the bookshelf. Husband, of course, does the best Pig voice so he is the Pig reader so B. and I just snuggle up and enjoy the ride. Aaron Blabey is a genius. 


It seems rather shameful that this next book was left off the above list as if it's an after thought but I promise it isn't --

Imaginary Fred is, yes, about imaginary friends but also it tells a really lovely tale about friendship. The story really fills you up with a wonderful kind-of wisdom of true friendship, embracing your individuality and love. Such a wonderful book to own. 


i hate being connected

Sometimes I feel like a big fat weirdo. Aside from the fact that I am actually a big fat weirdo I also hate being connected. Hate it with a passion. I spend a fortune on phones {upgrading whenever I damn well feel like} and collect cases as if they're going out of business but I hate having a mobile phone. I hate the idea of always being reachable. I hate that if someone texts you the expectation is that you have to text back right away otherwise you're ignoring them.

I hate that if your phone rings you're expected to answer it. I hate that social networking is just a click away. Hate it all. I may always be on my phone {except when I'm with someone} but I am rarely engaged in what I'm doing and always, always, hating every second of it. The dread that someone may actually call me freaks me out. I rarely answer my phone. It's always on silent just in case. I firmly subscribe to the theory that if someone really needs to talk to you they'll leave a voicemail otherwise the call needn't have occurred in the first place. 

I hate texting. Okay, that's a lie. I don't mind texting but only if it serves a purpose. I will only contact someone if I have something to say otherwise don't expect to hear from me.

I hate checking and replying to emails. The thought that I actually need to be professional freaks me out, as if it's all a big practical joke because I'm really a fool who only bought an iPhone so they could get a case with a unicorn saying i'm a unicorn bitch. I can't human very well.

A very big part of me wants to give up the mobile phone life and get a home phone. Remember the good old days when you never had to speak to anyone? That's my bliss right there. But, alas, insert stupid excuse about living in the modern age here. I have a kid. I need to be contactable at all times. I have anxiety and need to check in on loved ones when worry strikes. And there's no damn pay phones anywhere! Don't you miss those?

For now, I'm stuck in a love/hate relationship with my phone and technology as if it's kinda-sorta-maybe the enemy but not really.


i don't understand the obsession with weight

Big? Small? I could care less. Why does it seem as though the world gets more and more obsessed with weight as each day passes? As if being "fat" or "skinny" even matters. As if losing baby weight is the be all and end all. As if we don't have more important things to worry about.

Look, this isn't about people who love fitness and eating acai bowls or whatever. This is about the constant barrage of "I can't wait to look like this again" photos after having a baby. The shaming people for being too big or too small. The idea that people can deam others too fat or too skinny based on our own perceptions of size. Ridiculous.

I find it such a terrible shame that people see pregnancy weight as a sign of disgust. That people see photos of themselves pregnant and are shamed. Shouldn't we be proud of our bodies? That they did something some women can't do? I got to have a healthy baby. I carried her in my stomach for over 40 weeks. Nothing else matters. Not stretch marks or some saggy skin. Not photos where a stomach is protruding. Not a bad chin photo. Nothing. 

Why can't we be proud of our bodies full stop? Why is it always about getting a flat stomach and stretch marks being the enemy? Why are we all so vapid and vain? It's gross.

Lose weight if you want to lose weight. Don't if you don't. Be healthy. Be happy. That's all. Stop obsessing. Stop critiquing. Stop placing so much of your value {or any of your value} in what you weigh. It's ridiculous and such a stupid way to live. 


current watch list

Want to know what I've been devouring in bed or on the couch lately? Keep reading --

Sleeping With Other People -- lots of sex and lots of sex talk and a masturbation demonstration with a green tea bottle. My kind of movie. Alison Brie is sexy and adorable. Jason Sudeokis is my new crush and I am now binging all his movies.

The Catch -- look, Shonda Rhimes is addictive and I can't help it. This newbie is quite sexy isn't it?

Drop Dead Gorgeous -- I forgot how hilarious this movie is. So good.


being mum//school drop-off essentials

I have a dream. In that dream I don't have anxiety or depression. I don't struggle to get out of bed. I am not always exhausted. I look flawless at school drop off and pick up. I am content staying at home even while B. is at school. I exercise every day and bake cookies and have dinner waiting for my Husband when he gets home. Sadly, for my dreams at least, I am none of those things. I bake cookies, sure, but aside from that my dreams falter.

When it comes to school drop off most of the time I look like I've just rolled out of bed which I despise. I tried to be the mum who looks amazing at drop-off but it was too bloody difficult. Bed is too comfy. Here are some things that make the school drop-off easier --

^Lately I have been throwing on my exercise clothes -- a comfy pair of exercise tights, sports bra, stupid shirt and my Nike's which I'm still obsessed with. They're also super comfy and perfect for doing some proper walking on the way home either with a doggy or without.

^I splash my face every morning but since I know I'm going to get all sweaty on the walk home I don't have a shower until after I've dropped B. off. After drying my face I put some of the Garnier Micellar Water on a cotton pad and wash my face so I feel nice and fresh. Then I spritz with The Body Shop Vitamin C Face Spritz and add a layer of the Burt's Bees Hydrating Lip Balm in Coconut & Pear on my lips.

^As I'm heading out the door I spray some of The Body Shop Strawberry Fragrance on my wrists and slip on these Quay sunglasses {that are surprisingly perfect for prescription glasses wearers} and off we go.

things i just don't understand

one. why do people complain abut people ordering unhealthy food and then a diet coke as if the only reason they're ordering the diet coke is because they're trying to be healthy? as if people can't just prefer diet coke?

two. people who say I was smacked as a kid and turned out fine are stupid. you didn't turn out fine. you're condoning smacking a kid you idiot.

three. why do people say "go fuck yourself?" I said it recently and then I was like why is that even an insult? Masturbating ain't bad. That's a non-insult. That's a life plan.


current beauty arsenal

mario badescu almond & honey non-abrasive face scrub -- smells divine, is wonderfully creamy with a nice scratch to it. nourishing too

soap & glory flake away -- the most delicious smelling body scrub that doesn't tear at your skin & actually works

origins ginzing moisturiser -- I've raved about this before and I still adore it. so wonderfully hydrating & plumping

first aid beauty facial radiance pads -- scrubs, removes any residual makeup and leaves skin feeling soft & fresh

first aid beauty facial radiance serum -- looks like sperm and, look, I've had both on my face and I much prefer this. a fab little night time treat

ren clearcalm clay cleanser -- this does not remove makeup so *warning* but also it works so darn well once you remove it. so perfect for clear, clean skin

first aid beauty ultra repair oatmeal mask -- just a wonderfully scented mask that feels divine

origins ginzing eye cream -- another previous rave that I'm still loving. plumps, hydrates and brightens the under eye area

soap & glory heel genius -- an actual genius product for the entire foot actually & it smells pepperminty not medicinal which is the biggest plus I've ever seen


still obsessed with stickers//here's a studio kylie haul

Over the Easter Weekend I hopped on to Etsy and spent a good eleventy hundred hours searching for planner stickers. My plan was to find one shop that ticked all my boxes for sticker basics {why is that even a thing I think?} that was also based in Australia. Meet Studio Kylie -- a lovely sticker shop based in Sydney New South Wales that introduces "beautiful planners and printables for you and your home".

Everything I purchased was from the "petal" range -- two lots of these flag & appointments stickers, one sheet of this variety pack, one sheet each of the important and don't forget! stickers, two lots of the piggy banks, two lots of the gift boxes, one sheet of paw prints and one of the blood drop {for period tracking -- I don't know, look, if I have to bleed it best be marked pretty in my planner}.

*the little sheet with the thank you sticker & easter goodies was just a bonus in this pack.

When I purchased my stickers the shop was running a special code/deal thing so I was sent some bonus items too. It's specified that the shop will *try* and match the bonus goodies to what you purchased and, of course, mine are perfect. I got 7 sheets in total with labels, symbol variety, planner icons, hexagons, scallops, cars & cameras {I have linked the ones I could find}.

It may seem rather lame to be so stupidly excited about free stickers {or just stickers in generally really} but I just can't help it. I'm addicted. It's my new sugar rush. And getting so many bonus goodies when I wasn't expecting that amount is just wonderful.

 & this. People/companies who do adorable little gestures like this just win me over right from the get go. I am pretty darn delightful!


Some other thoughts:

*I made the order on the Good Friday and the package was shipped the next day {long weekend and all}. I received my parcel on Wednesday {keeping in mind that Monday was a public holiday}.

*All of the stickers in the shop are well priced and the shipping {which was free on this occasion} costs are great.

*All of the stickers from Studio Kylie are on repositionable sticker paper which means they're matte rather than glossy but! they're great for any change of mind or cancelled/rescheduled plans. & they actually peel and re-stick wonderfully.

*The stickers are packaged with a piece of cardboard in sealed plastic so they're kept safe and sound.

*New favourite Etsy shop.


j style//dressing for boobs

Fun fact: my Husband first realised he was pretty darn obsessed with me when he spotted me at work {Lonestar -- ha!} playing with my boobs and saying blah blah blah.

I have always been obsessed with my boobs. I love them. They're soft and nice to touch and I just like having big boobs thank you very much. I don't even mind being heavier if it means I have big boobies to play with because, hey, they're really fun. But you know what I hate? Dressing for boobs. Ugh, kill me now.

I am a pretty consistent size 12 but in dresses I always need to size up for the boobs which is frustrating because then the dress is ill-fitting at the bottom half and I always need to wear a belt and sometimes I don't want to. Sometimes I just need to live a belt free life. So I size up and sometimes it works and all is well and good but sometimes it doesn't and I'm left with a dress that physically won't button up over my chest. Sure, I could size up twice but then not even a belt is going to help with what's going on downstairs.

Don't even get me started on tailoring. Why should I have to?

The solution, of course, is slips and camis but you know what? One day! Just one bloody day I'd love to not have to make that extra effort. Sometimes it's too hot or my anxiety is acting up and I feel even more claustrophobic than usual and I just don't bloody wanna...

And it's not just button up dresses. What about v-necks? See above picture for evidence. What even is that? And don't even get me started on things that cover the chest because that's just containing the uncontainable. 

So somebody, fix this please because I've had it with this attitude. 


friday five

Thank flip it's Friday. This week was long weekend short but felt anything but. I can't wait for tonight where I can ease into the weekend without any pressure from myself to make it perfect. I'm looking forward to lots of snuggles with the sick B. and some delicious laziness that can only come from having absolutely nothing to do.

one. this dress|sportsgirl
two. this mug & saucer|kikki-k
three. this toucan bag|peter alexander
four. these studded boots|rubi shoes
five. this dior brow styler|dior {duh!}