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I am not a foodie, nowhere near it actually. I tend to despise "gourmet" food or anything too fussy. I adore cheese fries. One of my favourite meals is steamed chicken and broccoli. Yet, I love a good foodie movie -- the technique, the styling, the aroma that fills my mind. All divine. Here are my favourites --

because i said so -- it's got Diane Keaton so, obviously, sign me up! But, also, the cakes! Watch for the cakes! Also, Lauren Graham & polka dots
no reservations -- sure, it's got some sad undertones but the food in this even if it involves truffles and quail looks glorious
the hundred foot journey -- such a wonderful film. So quite, peaceful and beautiful
it's complicated -- Nancy Meyers does good kitchen doesn't she? That scene where Meryl & Steve make chocolate croissants is my dream in life. 

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