shipping woes

I always imagine Australia as that really nerdy person who thinks they're cool but will never be but they try so hard that it hurts. Like that guy in Pretty Fly For A White Guy. Or like fetch, it's just never going to happen. Sure, we have Medicare and good gun laws but Australia, for me, has never felt like home. Never has. Never will. We do actually plan on moving either interstate {perhaps Melbourne is more us?} or overseas {America or London, yes please!} but until then let me complain about shipping why don't you?

1. Shopbop says shipping will take 3 business days or less guaranteed. 
Takes 6.

2. I ordered a cake topper for my sisters wedding from Glistening Occasions. Was informed the item would be shipped express Monday and would arrive Tuesday or Wednesday. Item was received Thursday {day before wedding!} after 2 days of anxiety and tears because no tracking number was given. Parcel arrived with postage stamp from Tuesday at 3.30.

3. Beauty Bay says shipping will take 7-10 business days {already far too bloody long!} but parcel arrived day 14 with eye shadow shattered. 

4. ASOS does free express shipping to Aus. but conveniently the company who does this does not ship to P.O Boxes/Parcel Lockers. You are only notified of this after failed attempt at delivery and when the items are on their way back to ASOS. 

Never mind that one can never order from places like Modcloth or Think Geek because shipping costs are prohibitively expensive.

Ugh, Australia you suck.  

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