sephora v. mecca



Both are wonderful. But which is better? I selflessly went out yesterday and tested both just for you {warning: bank accounts were harmed in the making of this post} --

SEPHORA, of course, has that new exciting appeal. Products we've never been able to get here in lame Aus. before. Marc Jacobs! Tarte!

MECCA is less of a novelty. It's been around for quite some time but it's just gotten better with age. Also, Origins! Stila! Hourglass!

BOTH have basically the same layout but I prefer MECCA -- it just feels more open and organised.

SEPHORA wins at the cash grab at the counter since delicious bits & bobs form around the line.

MECCA is a little bit more quiet in their attempts to take all your money and that's kind of nice also. Depends what you're in the mood for.

SEPHORA has their own massive collection which is v. appealing but seems a bit cheap.

MECCA's own range is wonderfully luxe.

SEPHORA has lovely sales people but everyone jumps at you and asks if you need help which can get quite tiresome if you're in the store for longer than 5 minutes. Just let me browse damn it! 

MECCA girls let you be but don't leave you desperate for attention. 

SEPHORA girls complement you on your milk carton bag {seriously, all the girls}.

MECCA mentions the bag once or twice.

SEPHORA has a reward card/program that's too new for comment.

MECCA seemingly has a wonderful one but I never get my Beauty Loop boxes and that makes me sad.

SEPHORA, during this trip, was sold out of a few products I needed.

MECCA had everything I dreamed of.

SEPHORA plops everything in a paper bag.

MECCA wraps everything in delicious pink tissue paper with Mecca stickers and the most divine bag.


Don't you dare ask me to pick a winner! I couldn't possibly. Shan't possibly.

Mecca seems to come out on top for most things but to be honest I truly think they do different things. Mecca is a bit more high-end, a bit more luxurious. Sephora is for everyday with a hint of marvellous Marc thrown in for good measure. 

Whose your favourite?

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