friday five//current fave snaps

Last week I came across a mum who was the exact replica of Amy Poehler in Mean Girls at the Christmas Pageant, straight up stage managing her daughter during a kids dance off at fucking Bunnings. It was one of the best things that's ever happened to me. That's parenting dedication right there. Love it. I, of course, am not that dedicated to anything in life. Even B. Still, I hover at mum-who-takes-pictures-of-every-fucking-thing and that's okay by me. But seriously, one day I hope to stage manage a dance-off at Bunnings and then get angry when my kid doesn't win. It's important to have goals. Remember this.

B's pose in this photo makes me want to burst into happy tears every single time I see it. We got our nails and hair done together and she was proud and so chatty and, man, I just love that kid more than life itself.

This is my favourite photo in the entire world.

 This is how she sleeps. Music. Headphones. Ridiculous position.
All the checks.

Last week B. & I went out for shopping and dinner while Husband put together her cubby house as a surprise/present for getting new sight words at school {yes, we're those parents}. This is how the mermaid chose to pose and I thought it was quite apt.

 Sometimes being a parent means buying bunny tutus and going to Easter Egg hunts and waiting for what feels like seventy hundred hours for face painting. And, sometimes, it's this. And this is the best. 

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