fathers are people too!

I know, stupid title. Forgive me.

But, look... I'm really bloody sick of all you dumb fuckers out there. When a father takes his daughter for a haircut while her mother gets a facial {in the next fucking room!} he is not "watching her" for her mother. He's just being a parent. He shoved his dick in, got it? He knew what he was doing! He's a part of it too.

A father isn't babysitting his kid. He's doing his job!

When a dad takes his daughter and his nephew to the shop he's not "such a wonderful man". He's doing the same thing any woman does. It's called being a normal functioning member of society. Look it up.

A man is allowed to be a kindergarten teacher without comment.

It's okay for a man to be at home with his spawn while his wife works. Don't have a heart attack. No need to stop the presses. It's just Tuesday. Just calm the fuck down.


Can we leave men alone? Can women go get a fucking haircut alone without them being told how lucky they are? Yes I am lucky, thank you. I have my health and happiness. Know what doesn't make me lucky? Having a Husband who looks after their own kid. My Husband washes dishes and takes out the rubbish. He's an adult. Congratulations. He's passed go and collected two hundred dollars. Get the fuck over it.

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