consigning with blue spinach

Quite some time ago now I contacted Blue Spinach to consign my Chanel Camellia and Louis Vuitton Pochette. Despite some tears as the last item sold {the Louis} it was really a wonderful experience and I'm so glad I did it. Here's the lowdown --

1. I went on their website and read all their consigning information. Deciding that it sounded like a good fit for me and my items I sent through the consignment form and photos for owner Jane.
2. After some emailing Jane and I picked a time for me to visit and in to Darlinghurst I went.
3. I took both the Chanel and Louis Vuitton with me along with the receipts and authentication. I didn't have the original box for the Chanel as B. had claimed it as her own and then left it in the rain and the Pochette came inside my Neverfull so it didn't have a box or dust bag. Buyers, I think, prefer these items but they aren't essential to have.
4. A few days after my visit Jane contacted me, after having done research, with the prices she wanted to sell my items for. I agreed on these and then we were good to go.
5. A good piece of information to note here is doing this means you need to give Jane & Blue Spinach three months to sell your items. You don't get the money beforehand. You just wait. This was fine for me because the Chanel was blah and the Pochette was perpetually unused.
6. Once an item sells Jane will contact you with all the information regarding the sale. She'll then transfer the money into your selected account {or this is what she did for me} and then voila! you can take a trip into Louis Vuitton and dance.
{I should mention that for the first sale -- the Chanel -- I did have to email first, however, it's not a big deal. People get busy. But keep this in mind}.
7. If your item is not selling or Jane thinks the price needs to be dropped she will contact you first. If you agree on the reduced price then she will adjust accordingly. The Louis sold at a reduced price but I still went shopping at Louis Vuitton with the money from this sale.
8. Once your items are sold it's done. It really is as simple as that.
9. You may cry when you get notified that the Louis has sold so make sure that your a 100% set on selling. Once they're gone they're gone.
10. Jane & Blue Spinach were such a dream to work with and I highly recommend them to anyone and everyone.


Brands like Chanel and Louis Vuitton receive better percentage splits. I think for these items the split was 60-40 which was wonderful.

There are no fees unless the item needs to be cleaned or repaired. 

Always make a booking before showing up if you wish to consign. There's no guarantee you can be seen.

Try not to spend your entire life savings in store. Trust me, I was tempted.

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