being mum//the anti-tablet family

Husband & I became those parents. Kid playing up -- tablet. Silence. Bliss.

And then eventually we realised that B. was addicted to it and she was missing out on life. And I know that sounds like a stupid cliche dumb thing to say but it's true man. Husband & I did Easter craft without B. because she was too busy watching YouTube. She wasn't listening. She's addicted.

Of course, Husband & I could have parented better but... meh, that's just too darn hard.

So, we sold B's tablet. Purchased a cheap phone that she can only use as an MP3 Player {iPods are expensive!} and sat her down after school and told her what was what. She cried. We showed her the phone. Told her it was only for music and selfies. She stopped crying and pretended to take a phone call for a meeting with some random. All was well.

So now we're the anti-tablet family and it feels kind of weird. Like we're anti-technology too but, also, like we kind of defeated the purpose of selling the tablet because we got her a phone to replace it. And sure, it's only for music but, geez, wouldn't it be nice if the kid could go one car trip and actually speak to her parents? I mean, I hated my parents but I had every reason to. B. has awesome parents {obviously -- *cough* *cough*}.

The tablet made us lazy parents. Simple as that. And it is lazy, shoving a tablet at a kid so they'll shut the hell up. I don't want to be that kind of parent. I want my kid to interact with me. I want to be able to have a conversation with them that isn't delayed by five minutes every time because they're too enthralled by Ben and bloody Holly to hear me. I mean, sure, I'm a lazy bitch but I don't want to be a lazy bitch to B. 

I hate myself for even thinking this, doing this, feeling this. It makes me feel so darn old, as if technology is the enemy. And it really isn't. I love it but I just hate that it's at the forefront of our lives as if it's the most important thing. So no. No more tablet for B. She's not even 5, kid don't need one! And isn't it ridiculous that we ever thought she did? 

So here's to better parenting, less technology and a kid who actually responds {I can dream can't I?)

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