beauty//the three biggest wastes of space

Can we discuss the products that just suck terribly? I mean, how did they even get put on shelves? Is it one big practical fucking joke? Or do people just not give a crap anymore?

this horrible nudes palette from Maybelline that has no pigment and is just one stupid lump of crap.
 this stupid exfoliating wash from Philosophy -- that doesn't work at all & that I've now palmed off to Husband because he don't know better.
& finally, this stupid piece of crap from L'OREAL -- the Paris Brow Artist Genius Kit which has no staying power and is just a blah fest of sadness.

Congratulations L'OREAL, Philosophy and Maybelline you've failed miserably at doing your job just like the dinosaur supervisor from Jurrasic Park --

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