words involving english.

planning for our mini-getaway {post soon} -- stickers are, obviously, essential.
Husband -- Sven
Dogs -- dog
B. -- Boo {I swear I called B. Boo before realising that it was the name of the kid in Monsters Inc. and then to top it off B. even resembles Boo -- at least she does to me -- so now, obviously, have deluded myself into thinking that B. is Boo and Boo is B.}
Me -- Olaf
Misc -- a random alien from Toy Story

Do you ever wonder why I have no friends?
I don't. 

Places not to eat in Penrith {yes, Penrith, ugh}. Red Cow Inn. Food looks delicious but, honestly. Watery vegetables & mash. Charge $2 for grated Parmesan cheese -- you know, the fart in the bag kind. Outrage for the need for the stinky cheese dust. Husband ordered a hamburger that had the clump of sauce/relish on one side and then nothing aside from dry meat and disappointment. 

Never again.

I often whinge about our taste in restaurants being boring but here's the thing -- you branch out and you leave devastated, disappointed, heart broken and shaky, as if nothing will ever be okay again. Why do I do this to myself?

I need this coin purse from Fossil. Does it remind anyone else of Karl Lagerfeld or am I a delusional person?

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