tv//why i stopped watching

We all know by now that jaye is synonymous with tv. I love the stuff, man. It, along with chocolate, berries and tea is my life force. But, like most things, tv can sometimes disappoint with hideous decisions that irreparably damage the jaye-show relationship. Such things can never be recovered from and it's a shame, so shame-y, because most of these shows were so darn almost better than sex good and then they had to go and piss me off. Like, why, why would you do that? Here's what I've loved and lost --

the good wife -- when Will Gardner died I lost it & never recovered. The show was never the same without him...

the vampire diaries & the originals -- the above says it all really. All vamipred out. Sick of their whining.

homeland -- claire danes never stopped fucking crying

bates motel -- dog was hit by a car and died

bones -- season ten was so phoned in it hurt

once upon a time -- got Frozen so wrong and then piled villain orgies on top of us without break for lube or water

nurse jackie -- I switched off at season two. Jackie has no likable or endearing qualities, obviously hates her children, a stupid fucking selfish bitch


& there's more, obviously, because of all those I do watch not many stand the test of time...

like the following which became pointless without Joe

or sex and the city which is quite often too whiny and female

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