the new beauty must haves

Just yesterday I stared into my make up drawer and thought that'll do pig, that'll do. I was so proud of myself. If I was a crier I would have shed tears from sheer happiness. Instead I just finished doing my make up and wrinkling my face up at my reflection because I was looking particularly potato-y that day. Today, well, today's a different story and if my behaviour at Coles {*ahem* two-hundred dollars on chocolate & sippy cups} last night is anything to go by well, I'm a fickle spender. Also, I like stuff.

one. gwen stefani blush palette -- look, I'm not really into celebrity make up lines or whatever, I'm more of a if I want a damn lip kit I'll buy a damn lip kit girl regardless of whose name is on it {and to be perfectly honest the name on it would turn me off more than on} but the shades in this palette are just too good to pass up & I need them so desperately in my life that I can feel it in every fiber of my being
two. bobbi brown mask mini kit x 3 -- I love a good mask & this kit looks delicious -- deep clean, get some serious moisture and intense radiance with this trio because why the heck not?
three. burberry nude gold eyeshadow -- this little beauty is limited edition so snap the sucker up {why do I even speak when crap like that comes out of my mouth?} and, also, burberry just for the packaging alone? yes please!
four. becca under eye brightening corrector -- can you imagine if this actually worked and I stopped looking like a boxer {purple under eyes} crossed with a vampire?
five. the body shop lip & cheek stains -- all the colours
six. nars velvet matte skin tint -- it just sounds delicious and it's not in a glass jar/container so no exploding...?
seven. look at my bow! hello kity & opi -- just for the name and packaging alone
eight. clinique pep-start eye cream -- it seems to be promising a bit too much, but hey, one day that could work out, right?
nine. bobbi brown sandy nude palette -- I want to have sex with this palette and have its babies

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