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I've always been very much open {yes, legs too} when it comes to sex. Have loved it for as long as I can remember and one of the things I adore most about being married is that I have a safe place to act out all my sexual fantasies {other than that marriage is pretty boring actually - bills! blah!}. I'm lucky that my Husband is pretty open and loves me as I am and *as I am* means usually with some new kinky fantasy and a vibrator not too far away. Lately, I have become even more obsessed with sex toys and *may* be flirting with the idea of getting rid of some shoes to make a sex toy side of my closet. Here are my essentials --

one. the white wabbit -- for the husband & you
two. wearable vibrator -- this is an essential
three. backless brief -- is adorable the right word?
four. black silky handcuffs -- because fluffy handcuffs were so age seventeen
five. a love crop -- give your hands a rest
six. this ridiculous flamingo crop -- because sex ain't that serious
seven. we vibe plus -- I have dreams and those dreams involve my Husband having control of this while I am at home, alone, because, sometimes, calling him up so he can listen while you orgasm with a vibrator is rather tiresome
eight. a silk blindfold -- is there anything more delicious than being handcuffed and blindfolded while someone kisses you all over?
nine. door jam cuffs -- because sometimes you just need to be fucked against a wall/door but, man, old age has taken its toll and it's kinda slippery and damn hard work so you just need some door jams okay?


Then, of course, there's porn which is an essential, obviously. But porn is such a personal thing and I am very particular with it. Like, there can't be any romance whatsoever because romance is nauseating. Also, no soppy music. I don't want to see soft core shit and if I have to hear Kim Kardashian moaning the same cliche lines over and over I'll vomit.

Though, saying all that, there is, of course one movie that everyone should watch. Essential viewing, I tell you. It was the first movie Husband and I ever watched together {as in any movie at all - watched before our first date to see Monster In Law} and Husband bought me my own copy as a wedding present {now, that's romantic}. Presenting --

the greatest movie ever made... moments of love

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