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Louis Vuitton is by far my favourite luxury brand. It always makes me happy and the pieces I have make me feel wonderfully special. Of course, I need more. I am Louis Vuitton addicted, hit by the bug when I went to get my Neverfull GM in Damier Ebene {that red lining!} and they gave B. a packet of fairy stickers for being so good. Since, then I have sold one LV piece {at Blue Spinach -- post coming soon} and added another to my collection {this key pouch is my new "wallet" of sorts -- perfection for storing all your cards and cash when/if you have it}.

So, what's next on my list? Tricky question actually, there are just too many and it's becoming increasingly more difficult to pick. Help me why don't you --

one. these gumboots -- can one jump in muddy puddles in these?
two. pochette metis -- this has been my number one for quite some time and, man, I want to hold this bag as I sleep -- so beautiful 
three. this key holder -- so simple and pretty
four. these spectacles -- ooh, having jumpy vision has never felt so wonderful
five. this multi-colour bracelet -- I am not a fan of the multis -- at all -- but this grabs me in all the best places
six. this cigarette case -- I am a very firm non-smoker {never have, never will} but I need this *maybe* as a phone or glasses case? I feel as though, perhaps, it'd be v. useful 
seven. this belt -- thinking it'd be perfection for an upcoming wedding...?
eight. this cosmetic pouch -- looks so perfectly soft that I want to cry and marry it
nine. this phone case -- that colour!


see! can't possible choose. don't wanna, not gonna. 

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