friday five//those v. day feels

Every year I fall into the Valentines Day trap. All the products are just too damn irresistible and I can't help it. I like to buy all the things. For me. For the Husband. For B. And for the doggies. Valentines Day {if a real holiday, still debating this fact} should be about loving everybody not just the guy who slips you his penis once in a while. This year I have also decided that Valentine's Day should also be about pyjamas because why not? and, also, I love pyjamas, particularly this one store where all five items feature, and if Valentine's Day isn't the perfect time to fling a pair of pj's at the one you love or kind of like {maybe} or maybe just the one you want to one night stand {though why they need a gift, I don't know, on V. Day do you stay the night? Is that special code?}... Whatever, here's five --

lacey bra --perfect for on top activities 
let's stay in bed -- snuggle, eat chocolate, lick whipped cream off each other?
candy stripes short set -- love. love. love.
mens tramp sleep tee & lady tee -- because the nerds that wear matching pj's suck each others...


& look! v-day pj's for B.

really, now, how could you not?

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