twenty-fifteen//the best of binge

Watching & reading that is --

the age of adaline -- such a beautiful film
web therapy -- discovered early twenty-fifteen, hilarious & a must binge
awkward -- I only just discovered this series as twenty-fifteen was nearing its end but it had to make this list. hilarious, awkward & one to neglect everyone and everything for
scream queens -- funnily mocking, wonderfully styled and grotesque
house of cards -- unlike others who tuned out in twenty-fifteen for the latest season, I found myself more hooked than ever before -- kevin spacey is creepy and sexy and steals every single scene
billy & billie -- I only just discovered this in the dying days of twenty-fifteen and it's brilliant -- slow moving, wonderfully paced and brilliantly acted
orange is the new black -- I thought this years season was the best yet and the finale was just wonderful wasn't it? also, boobies...
this is a ball by beck & matt stanton -- still a favourite read in our family {matt stanton can do no wrong -- dinosaur dump is another must read}
the illustrated harry potter & the philosopher's stone -- the illustrations are beautifully breathtaking
annabelle -- so creepy & I love -- the doll still creeps me out and it's just so much better than the conjuring {with this you should not even bother}
the good girl by mary kubica -- kubica is just such a wonderful storyteller and this book was a highlight of twenty-fifteen
before i go to sleep by s.j.watson -- this still haunts me often
imagine a city by elise hurst -- the illustrations in imagine still take my breath away and I need a framed copy of each in my home for now and until always
jessica jones -- so good, so, so, so good 
pretty baby by mary kubica -- wonderfully haunting 

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