twenty-fifteen//the best in beauty

Want the honest truth? I stressed for days over how to fill this list out. Twenty-fifteen was just not my year in beauty. I still haven't found the brow product {I did think a Hourglass one was "it" but sadly it, like, all the others broke easily} and while I met some great concealers I didn't meet the one that transformed my under eye area. Sob. I'm beginning to wonder if these products are even out there. Perhaps, consistently great brows and an un-purple under eye area just aren't meant to be?

Still, I did meet some great products this year and stuck with a few from the following year that are definite keepers. Here's the fifteen of twenty-fifteen --

pantene nature infusion shampoo w/ avocado oil -- perfect for squeaky clean hair
pantene nature infusion conditioner w/ avocado oil -- & wonderful for natural hair with shine
hourglass ambient lighting wardrobe -- still a favourite. still wonderful 
origins ginzing face mask -- still the best pick me up I've ever had {almost as good as afternoon orgasms}
origins ginzing eye cream -- just wonderful -- brightening and moisturising
palmer's enzyme mask -- still the best mask I've ever had
palmer's cleansing oil -- a wonderful in-shower product that removes every trace of makeup and doesn't strip the skin 
bareminerals smoothing face brush -- the best brush in the world
moringa eau de toilette -- wonderfully fresh
bareminerals complexion rescue gel -- hello you fool, I love you
loreal miss manga mascara -- favourite mascara, hands down
mecca lip de luscious -- creamy & moisturising in a perfect package 
john frieda beach blonde spray -- perfectly messy waves
ultrabland facial cleanser -- not great for removing every scrap of makeup but it's wonderfully cleansing and keeps moisture in
oatfix fresh face mask -- smells divine and works even better than it smells

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