misadventures in parenting//parental disagreements

Husband and I don't disagree on a lot of things. We rarely argue. We're in sync about the majority of things which makes for a rather easy breezy life. One thing we disagree about is in the matters of the ridiculous especially when it comes to B.

See, I believe that if B. thinks her corn is too cold/she's full/has bugs in it then it damn well needs to be replaced. Just like if my food tastes like fork I need new food. Husband lets me get away with my ridiculous but he doesn't let B. get away with hers. What he loves about me he tries to stamp out in B. So, actually, Husband do you really love this about me? Do you? Huh?

Anyway, B. comes to me to resolve the issue like always because she and Husband tiff all the damn time. I agree with B. {as I do in most cases} because nobody wants no damn buggy corn even if there's no actual bugs in it. There could be! So B. got new corn and she ate it all so ha! to Husband. I win.

Last night B. hurt her chin and she said she needed a Frozen egg surprise. It was past B's bedtime and Husband's view on life is for her to brush her teeth and go to bed. And wait until tomorrow to get her egg surprise to heal her devastated chin! I, on the other hand, firmly believe that chocolate heals whatever ails you {blame J.K.Rowling} and, so, I overruled Husband and B. gets to wait until we can go back to the shop and get her egg surprise. Otherwise, how can she sleep with this terribleness thrown at her? How can she possibly? Imagine the terror of a sore chin and no chocolate! Can you even?

I can't. Which is the point.

I try not to overrule and I try to parent with my Husband as my partner but, man, sometimes that man is so darn dictator-y. No new corn! No chocolate to help a sore chin! Can you even?

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