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Small towns and secrets. It's always the way isn't it? Clichéd? Not when it comes to Missing Pieces by Heather Gudenkauf {published by Harelquin Books}. A delicious page-turner without any hint of staleness. 

Sarah Quinlan is long-married to the haunted, Jack. A man, who lost his mother and father as a teenager. A man who rarely returns to the town that took them. But when his beloved aunt, the woman who took him in as a boy, is in a terrible accident Jack and Sarah are forced to confront the past that has long been ignored.

Missing Pieces tells the story of a family full of grief, marred in tragedy, seemingly cursed. Is someone out to get them? Is one of there own a killer? Sarah needs to know. Curiosity and her reporter instincts get the better of her and she digs into Jack's past, hungry for the truth. Can she find out what really happened to his mother when nobody else could?

Gudenkauf's Pieces has fascinating twists and turns. The perfectly timed climax brings satisfaction while the rest of the story gives us the frustrating thirst for truth that only a good mystery can.

I adored that Sarah did what was necessary in order to get to the answers she needed. I loved that her husband's discrepancies weren't glossed over as soon as he came grovelling. And, while at first it took some getting used to, I loved that the characters were all much older than me. At the beginning I didn't like that I couldn't relate to them -- kids in college? blah -- but then as I got further into the story and continued to furrow my brow at every page I adored that I couldn't relate to them in that way. I mean, does every character in every book have to be you? How boring if they were, right?

Missing Pieces is an aptly titled mystery with an amazing reveal and perfect ending that's wonderfully untidy, though slightly healed, after all the devastation.

*Missing Pieces will be in stores on the 25th of January -- learn more here
**I was sent a copy of this book by Harlequin Books to review but was under no obligation to post positively. I was not paid for this review. This is not a sponsored post.  

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