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I'm a sad sad woman with no life whatsoever. I'm also massively obsessed with stationary and being organised {the latter, which, makes my mentally ill -- stupid -- brain rest & is great for keeping track of everyone in the family}. This year I'm using the 2016 A4 Weekly Diary in the black leather by Kikki-K as my "family planner" {I also have a small Moleskine --similar here-- just for writing stuff}. I store my most used pens in this Kikki-K Watermelon pencil case {I also have one full pen cup and another full pencil case with permanent markers -- don't ask} and then I have this bits and bobs carry tub/basket {from Kmart, similar here} for all my planning stickers {yes, planning stickers -- I know!}.

 I like to use the round stickers/labels {from Avery} to plan throughout but the large ones, especially, in the monthly calendars {which, in this planner, acts as a page break of sorts between each month}. On these I use a Sharpie to write specific things that won't change. Yes, I colour code. House is green. Husband is blue. B. is red. I am yellow but, seemingly missing here. Then, I add birthdays or things that wont change on the squares and some other bits and pieces with a pretty gel pen. 

In the notes section on the right-hand side I write out what's happening this month just so I can see it all in one place and if there's an occasion coming up that I need to plan/buy gifts for I'll write down thoughts on these in the appropriate month. And, if there's any room left over, I'll add something cute like photo-booth snaps and quotes {also from Kikki-K}.

As for the actual weekly pages {I like how these are vertical} I like to pre-decorate and pre-plan with washi tape and stickers. I also use the colour-coded round stickers {small/medium/large} for each person's items and house stuff.

My favourite pen to use is from Artline {the black fineliner} and I adore this thin Sharpie which is perfect for writing on stickers and washi.

This is an upcoming spread for February so it's not filled in as yet. Just decorated.

All unsure items are written on post-its and added the day/week I think they'll occur. That way, if anything changes I haven't done anything permanent to the planner and wont suffer a nervous breakdown which happens when things get messy.

 & here is a finished spread from December. I haven't gotten into the full planner stick craze yet so I'm just using ones I pick up from Officeworks/Typo/Kikki-K. This is my Christmas week spread so there's Christmas cheer all over the darn place! 

^spot the rainbow pooping unicorn for ten points to Gryffindor 

^^also, yes, I do get laid but I understand the confusion

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