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I am officially the mum of a school kid. Uniforms. Labels. Being adult. Hold me closer Tony Danza. Don't cry for me Argentina {but do}. I love that my kid loves school but I don't love the idea of already being on this merry go-round. B. is only four and a half! I wanted that extra year! Rah. Okay, enough whining from me. We well and truly took full advantage of the last week before the rest of our lives had to begin. There was fun and outings and snuggles and delicious laziness. I miss it already.

On the plus side, Husband and I got our first "day" off from parenting 24/7 since mid-December on Thursday while B. started her first day of school and we finally *finally* saw Star Wars. Part of me wanted to hang around that school the entire day and hide in B's backpack but the other more sane parts of me were really bloody excited to put on a Star Wars shirt and go out to a movie with my Husband. Life, man...

 It kind of makes me really proud and extra soppy that Husband and I have been together for ten and half/married for five and half years. I don't know why, it's not really that long in the grand scheme of things so maybe it's because we started so young or maybe because we've been through some really horrible crap together. Whatever it is, I'm just proud of us. I mean, obviously we're awesome.

& this kid! She makes me so bloody happy and I just love seeing unguarded pictures of us that Husband snaps when B. decides that he can't sit with us!

& these two together. They often tiff and I often roll my eyes because they are polar opposites but Husband is such a wonderful father and B. adores him so.

Kind of loving myself sick in this photo...

R2-D2 shirt from the men's department at Target

I know, I know, these things are a giant money grab. Yes, I also spent twenty-five dollars on a Stormtrooper sippy cup {BB-8 was all out! Outrage!} but, look, I'm a kid at heart and I needed these things. How could one watch a movie without them?

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