friday five//essential items for the new year

Ha -- I'm on another no-buy for January this year. Remember last year when I failed miserably? Yeah that. And, actually, as I'm writing this I realised I spent way too much money at the beginning of January at Officeworks on planner stickers and more amounts of adorable stationary that wasn't needed but was needed at Kmart yesterday. Ugh. Let's not discuss this any further.

Moving forward. Is it just me or does it so happen that when you decide to curtail your shopping/spending habits, that's when the really neat stuff appears? Like poof I'm tempting you fatty! And, no, I'm not calling you fat. Me. I'm the fatty. Anyway, who wants five essential items for the new year? You do! You get a car! And you get a car!

the sweetest cute as a button jammies from peter alexander for b. {also the adult version here} -- when B. was tiny she had a onesie with cute as a button and I used repeat the phrase over and over and bop her nose whenever she wore it and even then, before she could talk, I swear she would sigh and roll her eyes at me every time 

LV & Me "G" necklace -- I need this in my life as much as I need the POCHETTE M√ČTIS 

 Gwen Stefani takes Urban Decay -- divine shades

flit about the house in the ruffly frilled gown from peter alexander -- need this & plan to wear it always and then Gandalf Husband whenever I do


Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 

Life. Potato. Mushroom. 

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