friday five//back to school essentials

School is going back next week. Nervous breakdown imminent. B's school uniforms are currently drying as we speak. Her school shoes are neatly lined up in her room ready to go. There's socks all over the darn place. I'm not sure I like the beginning of this school year but regardless of B deserting me I'm still so darn excited about back-to-school supplies. Obviously. What idiot doesn't adore school supplies? Even if they're not at school {uh, that would be me!}. Here's five back-to-school essentials for kids and adults alike --

 kikki-k monthly planner pad -- I am a pen-to-paper planner and, to me, there's nothing better than planning for the whole family {for school, work & home} on something like this so everyone knows exactly what's happening. Bonus: add bulldog clips so you can stick it to your fridge for all to see

jonathan adler for officeworks desk pad -- the whole range {see here} is divine and who doesn't need a notepad?

bixbee led fairy flyer small backpack -- perfect for the kindergartner or pre-school kid {and is currently zipping its way to me in the mail for B. to start big school with}

dinosaur typo notebook -- this notebook speaks to me. I feel as if the dinosaur and I are one

kmart study stickers -- I purchased 3 of these ten page study sticker books for my own planning & I love them. I need more for ever and always. Some of them like "quiz" are useless to me but, for the most part, they work well for school/work/life

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