depression sucks//get over it!

When it comes to depression, tough love doesn't really work. But sometimes it does. Sometimes you just need to tell yourself to get the fuck over it. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't.

I was sad. Horribly sad. It hurt in every fiber of my being and the more I rested and hid away the more I drowned.

I got up. I got dressed. I went out with my family. My head was screaming at me to do anything but. Sometimes there's nothing you can do but listen to your head. You have to because it's unbearable not to. Sometimes the screaming in your head subsides and there's a bearable not-quite-silence where you can make it through your day.

Sometimes you can say: get the fuck over it. Or, perhaps, shut the fuck up. And even if it's just in this moment and even if you know your nonchalance won't last forever, well, that's okay too.

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