friday five//life lately

I am officially the mum of a school kid. Uniforms. Labels. Being adult. Hold me closer Tony Danza. Don't cry for me Argentina {but do}. I love that my kid loves school but I don't love the idea of already being on this merry go-round. B. is only four and a half! I wanted that extra year! Rah. Okay, enough whining from me. We well and truly took full advantage of the last week before the rest of our lives had to begin. There was fun and outings and snuggles and delicious laziness. I miss it already.

On the plus side, Husband and I got our first "day" off from parenting 24/7 since mid-December on Thursday while B. started her first day of school and we finally *finally* saw Star Wars. Part of me wanted to hang around that school the entire day and hide in B's backpack but the other more sane parts of me were really bloody excited to put on a Star Wars shirt and go out to a movie with my Husband. Life, man...

 It kind of makes me really proud and extra soppy that Husband and I have been together for ten and half/married for five and half years. I don't know why, it's not really that long in the grand scheme of things so maybe it's because we started so young or maybe because we've been through some really horrible crap together. Whatever it is, I'm just proud of us. I mean, obviously we're awesome.

& this kid! She makes me so bloody happy and I just love seeing unguarded pictures of us that Husband snaps when B. decides that he can't sit with us!

& these two together. They often tiff and I often roll my eyes because they are polar opposites but Husband is such a wonderful father and B. adores him so.

Kind of loving myself sick in this photo...

R2-D2 shirt from the men's department at Target

I know, I know, these things are a giant money grab. Yes, I also spent twenty-five dollars on a Stormtrooper sippy cup {BB-8 was all out! Outrage!} but, look, I'm a kid at heart and I needed these things. How could one watch a movie without them?


being mum//my child makes me cry

Being an adult sucks. I fucking hate it. 

The other day my child made me cry. Real, heavy, stupid tears. See, I like buying things and we have the money so I buy whatever the hell I want for her. And B. and I love to go shopping together. It's fun! And you can't go shopping without buying things. I think that's actually illegal.

But my kid has taken it too far. She had me buy shoes that she "needed" but she actually only wanted them for decoration. I bought bloody shoes for decoration! I wouldn't even do that {actually, have and would again}! She begs and pleads for clothes she never actually wears because she only wants to wear dresses. So I buy 10 tops at $30 each and if I was good at math I'd know what the total was. 

Can you even with this?

So, I know it's my fault. I know I spoil the kid. I know she's only four and doesn't know better but, ugh, I was so stupid and dim that I seriously thought I could take my kid shopping and buy her whatever she wanted and she'd be a normal functioning member of society. Now, lets all collectively wonder how I graduated University in three years without failing any classes? How?

I just picked up my calculator! I just picked it up and calculated $30 x 10 and it's fucking $300. I hate myself. And, also, calculator = phone but blah...

$300! I can't even believe it. I hate myself. I hate my kid.

And, yes, she made me cry and feel those hideous pangs of sadness because she doesn't appreciate being spoiled as much as I do. So my Husband held me as I cried and Bailey stamped her foot and shouted that she was mad at me and the dogs thought wtf? And then I may have told her I'm never going shopping with her again and she'd have to go with Husband who is v. utilitarian and would just buy one pair of sensible shoes as opposed to fifty pairs of unnecessary ones and then backtrack twenty minutes later when he realised that he didn't get the sensible ones and then go get what you came for but somewhat reluctantly. And then he most certainly wouldn't get you cupcakes to deal with the devastation of having to buy sensible shoes. 

So, life and parenting is pretty darn crappy sometimes and I hate it. Damn it! I hate it!


misadventures in parenting//how we survived baby-dom & on...

I mentioned not too long ago {right here actually} that Husband and I are pretty darn in sync. So, when it comes down to it life is pretty easy. Husband wanted to get married. I wasn't ready. We waited. I was ready. We were married. Lets have a kid! Okay. And so on and so forth. Husband is laid back. I am the ideas girl. We have the same taste and always factor each other in.

We're also best friends and want nothing more than to spend every waking second together. Being weird preferably.

So when it came to having B. we already had a pretty wonderful foundation in place.

As parents we disagree, yes, but we're pretty much connected no matter what. So baby-dom, a notoriously stressful time for new parents, was a breeze. Here's how:

1. We both wanted to be awake for B's night feeds so there was no resentment and no one person more tired than the other. This worked for us because a) B. only woke up at eleven/midnight and then again at five/six and then again at nine/ten so we were all pretty rested  anyway {also she started sleeping through just shy of 10 weeks so it wasn't that long in the grand scheme of things} b) B. was also so darn cute that neither of us could stand missing out on time with her and c) we approached this new kind of tired like the hangovers of our past and ate hash browns and pancakes along with multiple naps and pyjama parties.

2. It took me 3 months to heal from labour and another month to be able to tolerate having anything happening down south but Husband didn't mind. Because he loves me and he saw the damn hobo kid rip apart my vagina. Dude, knows what I went through. But, also, there's blow jobs and hand jobs and/or "shower surprises" which I happen to love. All good.

3. We talked through everything together. And when there was compromise needed whoever cared the least was swayed.

4. Have regular date nights even if they are in. Husband and I are homebodies anyway so date nights in are what we love. Having a baby changed nothing much in our lives. As for going out with friends, etc, well, Husband's don't live in state and, me, I don't do it often. We'd both rather be together, always, so we've never had any going out after work issues or somebody feeling relegated to life with a baby because the other is out too much.

5. Push each other when you see the other struggling/missing out. The first time I left B. was when she was 10 months old. I went to the movies with my sister and sister-in-law and Husband had to force me to go because I wanted to but just didn't want to. The day of I drank so much caffeine that I was twitchy and weird. But once I went I felt much better. Like a weight had been lifted.

6. Forgive parenting mistakes. We're all going to make them. Husband slept while I was in the worst hour or two of my labour at home but was so wonderful during the rest of the labour and the hours after that it more than made up for it. I obsessed over every single darn thing and he never held it against me.

7. Don't have a tally. Ever. In my opinion, just stupid. Husband can survive on much less sleep than me so I sleep in more often. He can also wake up and watch B. for a few hours while I get some sleep and then I get up and he goes down. If he doesn't get to nap he doesn't use it against me. If I see him waning I sacrifice my sleep for his because he needs it more than me. 

The same goes for nappies changed or bottles made or chores or nights out or whatever it may be. Don't tally that shit. It's just stupid.

8. Have regular sex. When you're back to normal keep having sex. It's really rather fun you know? Also, the kid is asleep all the darn time {or mine was} and what else is there to do?

Also, none of this "parent sex" I just read about. Wait until you don't need to lock the door and listen for the kids. Bang while they're asleep and for hours on end.

9. Understand that birth/parenthood may have changed them and don't let them feel guilty for it. Husband and I are married. This is what we signed up for. After birth and for 2 years after I couldn't separate being a mum and having a dick in my mouth. It took some time but now... well, you get it.

10. Don't love your partner more than your kid or vice versa. The love is different. It just is. But it's the most delicious kind of different.

*and, also, I shouldn't really need a disclaimer but I'll do one anyway -- everyone is different, no one child is the same, blah blah potato. 


australia day//with farfetch

The gorgeous people over at Farfetch recently contacted me about their Australia Day competition -- for bloggers like me to create their perfect style guide/wishlist/board/whatever for the celebrations. For me, the day is about relaxing with family, enjoying our time together and being grateful for what we have {a.k.a no Donald Trump}. Here's my ideal wardrobe for the day, a perfect mix of interchangeable delights --

Pair this dolce & gabbana dress with these stunning sandals for simple, laid-back, elegance. Protect yourself from the sun with these sunglasses and a delightful pom pom hat. Celebrate your love for all Australians with four simple cubes on your neck.

Shove everything in this floral tote including this striped beach towel.

Swim, paddle or relax in this delicious one piece.

Slip on a pair of studded sandals, a green skirt and the sweetest daisy top for the tiniest hint of yellow because if you can fit the green and gold theme you will.

Head over to Farfetch and take a look at all their fabulous pieces that are perfect every single day of the week.

& tell me -- how would you dress this Australia Day?


friday five//back to school essentials

School is going back next week. Nervous breakdown imminent. B's school uniforms are currently drying as we speak. Her school shoes are neatly lined up in her room ready to go. There's socks all over the darn place. I'm not sure I like the beginning of this school year but regardless of B deserting me I'm still so darn excited about back-to-school supplies. Obviously. What idiot doesn't adore school supplies? Even if they're not at school {uh, that would be me!}. Here's five back-to-school essentials for kids and adults alike --

 kikki-k monthly planner pad -- I am a pen-to-paper planner and, to me, there's nothing better than planning for the whole family {for school, work & home} on something like this so everyone knows exactly what's happening. Bonus: add bulldog clips so you can stick it to your fridge for all to see

jonathan adler for officeworks desk pad -- the whole range {see here} is divine and who doesn't need a notepad?

bixbee led fairy flyer small backpack -- perfect for the kindergartner or pre-school kid {and is currently zipping its way to me in the mail for B. to start big school with}

dinosaur typo notebook -- this notebook speaks to me. I feel as if the dinosaur and I are one

kmart study stickers -- I purchased 3 of these ten page study sticker books for my own planning & I love them. I need more for ever and always. Some of them like "quiz" are useless to me but, for the most part, they work well for school/work/life


that married life//confessions of a dating app

One night Husband showed me the world of Steam and I looked at his excited face and all the dumb ass games he wanted to play and decided I needed to get laid. But not by him. Before this night I had been feeling pretty - ugh - about monogamy. I love my Husband. He's my best friend. But monogamy can be pretty bloody boring. I'm not sure I believe in it. In a good marriage, I believe, you can talk about this stuff. So, I talked to Husband and told him I missed the thrill of single life. Yes, I may have been 17 when Husband and I started but I had been... around. Sometimes I miss that around-ness.

 With that frame of my mind and my nerd-ville Husband I decided enough was enough and downloaded a dating app. Not Tinder {because I don't have no Facebook}. I told Husband and he was like meh because he trusts me and he knows I'd never do anything without his knowledge. The first step in this dating app game is to upload a picture. Easy right? Nope...

My first picture on my profile was uploaded by accident -- a picture my kid had drawn of a dog. Crap. I deleted that a few minutes later when I had finally figured out how to delete. The next photo had my Husband in it and was also an accident. Ugh. In the next photo my wedding rings were prominently displayed and I wasn't sure of the etiquette of such things so I left that one off. Why did all of my photos involve my kid or my Husband? Oh, because I'm married with a kid. Right. Moving on... I finally found a photo that was okay -- a selfie, of course -- and uploaded it to use as my main picture. 

Next, apparently, you needed to add information about yourself. A story. Some hobbies? Why? I left these blank because, really, this was just a lark. Some research, really. And, also, if it were serious I'd just be after some great sex so I could care less about the guy and would hope he'd feel the same. Who needs stories for orgasms? 

Moving on from the information overload I just began looking at my recommendations. Without any real information about me I'm not sure how they compiled these selections but whatever. Perhaps, my age and location were enough? I don't know. Nobody sparked my interest so after scrolling through some photos I put my phone away. Sure, the guys were attractive but they weren't my Husband who, while balding and weird, is the most beautiful person I have ever known.

During the night I started to get notifications. A few wanted to "meet me" but that just confused me even more? Meet as in meet in real life? Or meet on the app? But how does one meet on an app? A few wanted to chat. And some left me a message but to see it you needed to subscribe and pay money and there was no way in hell I was doing that. So, again, I left it.

 The next morning I woke up to a few more chat/meet/whatever requests. One guy was really bloody attractive and I was confused as to why he wanted to chat to me because, after all, I'm not hot by any standard. Another guy had kids who didn't live with him was looking for a serious relationship. After some more "research" I found that most of the guys were looking for something more. Sure, they could just be saying that but why? If you just want sex say that. I could care less.

The guys with kids made me sad. I felt guilty. So after less than 24 hours I deleted the app. Well, actually, that's a lie. I got my Husband to remove my account properly because I had no idea how and then I deleted the app. No booty call for me. After all, it was kind of lark. Probably only 10% serious and I didn't want to lead anybody on. Perhaps, this was an app for relationships. Some people want them, so Husband says...


So, my dating app days are over. I don't get them. I'm too old. Can't you just walk up to someone and ask them for some sex? Or is that old-fashioned?

I've got no bloody idea. I'm still not sure how I feel about monogamy. It's still kind of boring and, sure, there's porn and sex toys but nothing really beats the thrill of those first kisses and sex against a wall does it?


j reads//missing pieces by heather gudenkauf

Small towns and secrets. It's always the way isn't it? Clichéd? Not when it comes to Missing Pieces by Heather Gudenkauf {published by Harelquin Books}. A delicious page-turner without any hint of staleness. 

Sarah Quinlan is long-married to the haunted, Jack. A man, who lost his mother and father as a teenager. A man who rarely returns to the town that took them. But when his beloved aunt, the woman who took him in as a boy, is in a terrible accident Jack and Sarah are forced to confront the past that has long been ignored.

Missing Pieces tells the story of a family full of grief, marred in tragedy, seemingly cursed. Is someone out to get them? Is one of there own a killer? Sarah needs to know. Curiosity and her reporter instincts get the better of her and she digs into Jack's past, hungry for the truth. Can she find out what really happened to his mother when nobody else could?

Gudenkauf's Pieces has fascinating twists and turns. The perfectly timed climax brings satisfaction while the rest of the story gives us the frustrating thirst for truth that only a good mystery can.

I adored that Sarah did what was necessary in order to get to the answers she needed. I loved that her husband's discrepancies weren't glossed over as soon as he came grovelling. And, while at first it took some getting used to, I loved that the characters were all much older than me. At the beginning I didn't like that I couldn't relate to them -- kids in college? blah -- but then as I got further into the story and continued to furrow my brow at every page I adored that I couldn't relate to them in that way. I mean, does every character in every book have to be you? How boring if they were, right?

Missing Pieces is an aptly titled mystery with an amazing reveal and perfect ending that's wonderfully untidy, though slightly healed, after all the devastation.

*Missing Pieces will be in stores on the 25th of January -- learn more here
**I was sent a copy of this book by Harlequin Books to review but was under no obligation to post positively. I was not paid for this review. This is not a sponsored post.  


the flick list//current views

latest flicks --


friday five//essential items for the new year

Ha -- I'm on another no-buy for January this year. Remember last year when I failed miserably? Yeah that. And, actually, as I'm writing this I realised I spent way too much money at the beginning of January at Officeworks on planner stickers and more amounts of adorable stationary that wasn't needed but was needed at Kmart yesterday. Ugh. Let's not discuss this any further.

Moving forward. Is it just me or does it so happen that when you decide to curtail your shopping/spending habits, that's when the really neat stuff appears? Like poof I'm tempting you fatty! And, no, I'm not calling you fat. Me. I'm the fatty. Anyway, who wants five essential items for the new year? You do! You get a car! And you get a car!

the sweetest cute as a button jammies from peter alexander for b. {also the adult version here} -- when B. was tiny she had a onesie with cute as a button and I used repeat the phrase over and over and bop her nose whenever she wore it and even then, before she could talk, I swear she would sigh and roll her eyes at me every time 

LV & Me "G" necklace -- I need this in my life as much as I need the POCHETTE MÉTIS 

 Gwen Stefani takes Urban Decay -- divine shades

flit about the house in the ruffly frilled gown from peter alexander -- need this & plan to wear it always and then Gandalf Husband whenever I do


Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 

Life. Potato. Mushroom. 


how-to//plan like an organised nut job

I'm a sad sad woman with no life whatsoever. I'm also massively obsessed with stationary and being organised {the latter, which, makes my mentally ill -- stupid -- brain rest & is great for keeping track of everyone in the family}. This year I'm using the 2016 A4 Weekly Diary in the black leather by Kikki-K as my "family planner" {I also have a small Moleskine --similar here-- just for writing stuff}. I store my most used pens in this Kikki-K Watermelon pencil case {I also have one full pen cup and another full pencil case with permanent markers -- don't ask} and then I have this bits and bobs carry tub/basket {from Kmart, similar here} for all my planning stickers {yes, planning stickers -- I know!}.

 I like to use the round stickers/labels {from Avery} to plan throughout but the large ones, especially, in the monthly calendars {which, in this planner, acts as a page break of sorts between each month}. On these I use a Sharpie to write specific things that won't change. Yes, I colour code. House is green. Husband is blue. B. is red. I am yellow but, seemingly missing here. Then, I add birthdays or things that wont change on the squares and some other bits and pieces with a pretty gel pen. 

In the notes section on the right-hand side I write out what's happening this month just so I can see it all in one place and if there's an occasion coming up that I need to plan/buy gifts for I'll write down thoughts on these in the appropriate month. And, if there's any room left over, I'll add something cute like photo-booth snaps and quotes {also from Kikki-K}.

As for the actual weekly pages {I like how these are vertical} I like to pre-decorate and pre-plan with washi tape and stickers. I also use the colour-coded round stickers {small/medium/large} for each person's items and house stuff.

My favourite pen to use is from Artline {the black fineliner} and I adore this thin Sharpie which is perfect for writing on stickers and washi.

This is an upcoming spread for February so it's not filled in as yet. Just decorated.

All unsure items are written on post-its and added the day/week I think they'll occur. That way, if anything changes I haven't done anything permanent to the planner and wont suffer a nervous breakdown which happens when things get messy.

 & here is a finished spread from December. I haven't gotten into the full planner stick craze yet so I'm just using ones I pick up from Officeworks/Typo/Kikki-K. This is my Christmas week spread so there's Christmas cheer all over the darn place! 

^spot the rainbow pooping unicorn for ten points to Gryffindor 

^^also, yes, I do get laid but I understand the confusion


depression sucks//get over it!

When it comes to depression, tough love doesn't really work. But sometimes it does. Sometimes you just need to tell yourself to get the fuck over it. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't.

I was sad. Horribly sad. It hurt in every fiber of my being and the more I rested and hid away the more I drowned.

I got up. I got dressed. I went out with my family. My head was screaming at me to do anything but. Sometimes there's nothing you can do but listen to your head. You have to because it's unbearable not to. Sometimes the screaming in your head subsides and there's a bearable not-quite-silence where you can make it through your day.

Sometimes you can say: get the fuck over it. Or, perhaps, shut the fuck up. And even if it's just in this moment and even if you know your nonchalance won't last forever, well, that's okay too.


misadventures in parenting//parental disagreements

Husband and I don't disagree on a lot of things. We rarely argue. We're in sync about the majority of things which makes for a rather easy breezy life. One thing we disagree about is in the matters of the ridiculous especially when it comes to B.

See, I believe that if B. thinks her corn is too cold/she's full/has bugs in it then it damn well needs to be replaced. Just like if my food tastes like fork I need new food. Husband lets me get away with my ridiculous but he doesn't let B. get away with hers. What he loves about me he tries to stamp out in B. So, actually, Husband do you really love this about me? Do you? Huh?

Anyway, B. comes to me to resolve the issue like always because she and Husband tiff all the damn time. I agree with B. {as I do in most cases} because nobody wants no damn buggy corn even if there's no actual bugs in it. There could be! So B. got new corn and she ate it all so ha! to Husband. I win.

Last night B. hurt her chin and she said she needed a Frozen egg surprise. It was past B's bedtime and Husband's view on life is for her to brush her teeth and go to bed. And wait until tomorrow to get her egg surprise to heal her devastated chin! I, on the other hand, firmly believe that chocolate heals whatever ails you {blame J.K.Rowling} and, so, I overruled Husband and B. gets to wait until we can go back to the shop and get her egg surprise. Otherwise, how can she sleep with this terribleness thrown at her? How can she possibly? Imagine the terror of a sore chin and no chocolate! Can you even?

I can't. Which is the point.

I try not to overrule and I try to parent with my Husband as my partner but, man, sometimes that man is so darn dictator-y. No new corn! No chocolate to help a sore chin! Can you even?


being mum//hand holding & happy tears

One moment from B's delivery sticks out more than the others. The rest are a kind of muddled blur but this, this moment remains vividly clear, so much so that I can almost taste it. B. and I are all cleaned up, the failure of breastfeeding has already been and gone and B. is all snuggled up in Husband's arms, swaddled perfectly by a midwife, and I'm wincing in bed, delirious and dizzy for loss of blood. 

The delivering {and menacingly anti-drug} midwife announces her entrance back into the room, reeking of curry and sees me in a ball of tears, staring at my adorable kid and immediately seems panicked -- what's wrong?

I have a baby!

The midwife looks at me, like, duh what did you think you got so fat for? And then I sniffle - she makes me so happy

She did then and she does now. B. makes me feel like a desperate girl clinging to her coolness as if my life depends on it. But that's okay because I'm anything but cool and B. is so unaware of others and what they're thinking and doing that she's effortless. And, look, yes, I know she's four-and-a-half but I'm in awe of that kid.

In the first hour of her life I became a happy crier when, previously, the very thought had me sick. I'm kind of very anti-emotion. Emotions make me uncomfortable, okay? But that kid... I'll happy cry around her every day of her life until she stabs me in the eye with a fork and then, look, if we're being totally honest here and we are {because why not?} I'll cry from pain but after that I'll probably, one-hundred percent, definitely cry from joy that my kid {MINE!} decided and went through with the idea of stabbing me because I'm damn annoying, man.


Last night, B. struggled to fall asleep. On that aspect of parenting I'm easy breezy because, hey, we all have issues falling asleep at some point and kids are no exception. I let B. watch some YouTube and stuff around for a bit and then bundled her up in my bed and held her hand as she drifted off. And it was kind of my favourite thing. Sure I've got other stuff to do {TV, cleaning, life} but I never have anything better to do than to hold that weirdo's hand and watch as her eyes drop and her eyelashes flutter.

For long as I'm living, her hand holder I'll be.


friday five

Well we're back into the swing of things aren't we? Work. Cleaning. Brushing ones hair. When I was a stay-at-home mum the holiday didn't end for four years and, man, it was bliss but, also, I guess it's not too bad having somewhere to be and something to brush your hair for even if you do keep having really wild sex dreams about your boss...

 I'm loving this arrangement on my bedroom wall. It's one of the last things I see before I go to sleep and one of the first when I wake up in the morning. The You've Got Message print was my anniversary gift to Husband {see here} and the And They Lived Happily Ever After print is one Husband made me for Christmas as my "want" gift {because all I want is happiness}. 

One of my stocking fillers this year was this mug from Kikki-K {online here}. I like to drink tea out of it. It makes me feel like a rebel and, look, I don't drink or do anything "naughty" so this is as close as I'm going to get. Let me have this one.

 Why, yes, that is an R2-D2 teapot and, yes, my Husband does good gift. He's just for decoration and we shall call him R2-T2 because, obviously, and I will always love him.

A little book stack on my dresser - a Where's Wally notebook {I gave Husband a pack of 3 for Christmas and wrote "sharing is caring" on the tag so he felt obligated to share with me. I'm lovely like that}, Brave Enough by Cheryl Strayed and Very Good Lives by J.K.Rowling {two more delicious stocking fillers}.

& my very own Mirror of Erised. Look, if I can relate anything to Harry Potter I will. Let me have this one also. A very nifty "wear" Christmas gift if I do say so myself. 


the sensitivity of life

I've been thinking a lot lately -- of life and the sensitivity of it all. So often we get told to stop being so sensitive, to not let others bother us, that their words say more about them than it does about us. All true, yes. But, sometimes, no matter how hard you try and no matter how many neatly wrapped platitudes you recite, sometimes, people suck. Sometimes we get hurt.

I've always been overly sensitive and made to feel badly about it, by others and by myself. Slowly, so fucking slowly, I learned that the people who didn't matter, who said terribly harsh things with a smirk of pride, their words didn't matter and so I stopped caring. These people, of course, still have nasty things to say and I, quite honestly, don't care. My life is happier without them. Problem solved.

But what about the people who hurt you, often unintentionally, that do matter? Do we mask our sensitivity and hope to change? Or should they be more careful? Should we beat ourselves up over the fact that we care too bloody much?

Let's face facts, this world sucks. There's terror and wars and people hurt other living things and it's awful. For someone like me, sensitive and anxious to the core, it's not a comforting world to live in. I have trouble sleeping at night and when I'm not too self-involved in my own head's ridiculous melodrama I cry and worry for the people I don't know and will never know. I think of those lost always. I become depressed over terror attacks and all manner of hurt and hate. I am sensitive. But, am I too sensitive? And if that's really a thing is it a bad one?

Can someone be too sensitive? Or are they just more emphatic than others? Of course, the very sensitive are not better than anyone else and, yes, they can sure seem annoying and eye-rollingly nauseating when easily offended but, perhaps, instead of stamping out these traits we should embrace them? Perhaps, being overly sensitive and easily offended isn't a bad thing. Perhaps, it's a good one.

If everyone is different and different is what makes the world beautiful then, instead, of tearing down the sensitive shouldn't we be building them up? Let's face it -- we all need to be a little nicer and, sure, some people a lot nicer but if we put more effort into realising how wonderful the sensitive are wouldn't that be wonderful? Even if you don't get it, even if you don't think someone should cry over a raised voice or a bad tone or a dead bird, shouldn't we just embrace them for who they are and be happy they can pick up some of the empathetic slack?


twenty-fifteen//the best of binge

Watching & reading that is --

the age of adaline -- such a beautiful film
web therapy -- discovered early twenty-fifteen, hilarious & a must binge
awkward -- I only just discovered this series as twenty-fifteen was nearing its end but it had to make this list. hilarious, awkward & one to neglect everyone and everything for
scream queens -- funnily mocking, wonderfully styled and grotesque
house of cards -- unlike others who tuned out in twenty-fifteen for the latest season, I found myself more hooked than ever before -- kevin spacey is creepy and sexy and steals every single scene
billy & billie -- I only just discovered this in the dying days of twenty-fifteen and it's brilliant -- slow moving, wonderfully paced and brilliantly acted
orange is the new black -- I thought this years season was the best yet and the finale was just wonderful wasn't it? also, boobies...
this is a ball by beck & matt stanton -- still a favourite read in our family {matt stanton can do no wrong -- dinosaur dump is another must read}
the illustrated harry potter & the philosopher's stone -- the illustrations are beautifully breathtaking
annabelle -- so creepy & I love -- the doll still creeps me out and it's just so much better than the conjuring {with this you should not even bother}
the good girl by mary kubica -- kubica is just such a wonderful storyteller and this book was a highlight of twenty-fifteen
before i go to sleep by s.j.watson -- this still haunts me often
imagine a city by elise hurst -- the illustrations in imagine still take my breath away and I need a framed copy of each in my home for now and until always
jessica jones -- so good, so, so, so good 
pretty baby by mary kubica -- wonderfully haunting 


twenty-fifteen//the best in beauty

Want the honest truth? I stressed for days over how to fill this list out. Twenty-fifteen was just not my year in beauty. I still haven't found the brow product {I did think a Hourglass one was "it" but sadly it, like, all the others broke easily} and while I met some great concealers I didn't meet the one that transformed my under eye area. Sob. I'm beginning to wonder if these products are even out there. Perhaps, consistently great brows and an un-purple under eye area just aren't meant to be?

Still, I did meet some great products this year and stuck with a few from the following year that are definite keepers. Here's the fifteen of twenty-fifteen --

pantene nature infusion shampoo w/ avocado oil -- perfect for squeaky clean hair
pantene nature infusion conditioner w/ avocado oil -- & wonderful for natural hair with shine
hourglass ambient lighting wardrobe -- still a favourite. still wonderful 
origins ginzing face mask -- still the best pick me up I've ever had {almost as good as afternoon orgasms}
origins ginzing eye cream -- just wonderful -- brightening and moisturising
palmer's enzyme mask -- still the best mask I've ever had
palmer's cleansing oil -- a wonderful in-shower product that removes every trace of makeup and doesn't strip the skin 
bareminerals smoothing face brush -- the best brush in the world
moringa eau de toilette -- wonderfully fresh
bareminerals complexion rescue gel -- hello you fool, I love you
loreal miss manga mascara -- favourite mascara, hands down
mecca lip de luscious -- creamy & moisturising in a perfect package 
john frieda beach blonde spray -- perfectly messy waves
ultrabland facial cleanser -- not great for removing every scrap of makeup but it's wonderfully cleansing and keeps moisture in
oatfix fresh face mask -- smells divine and works even better than it smells