um, i'm married to a thirty year old!

Can we discuss this development? My Husband is 30!

I knew this guy when he was nineteen with a full head of hair. It seems like just yesterday when our eyes met across a crowded restaurant and we fell head over heels in love. Except, we didn't because the first time I saw him I barely noticed his existence. 6 months later I still didn't. Oops...

But as soon as I realised he was somebdy he was my best friend. Still is.

He thinks he's the Luke to my Lorelai.

Except I can't eat all that and keep a perk butt.


Hey, Husband, you darn thirty year old. If I was B. I'd call you a frickin' old man but I'm not that awesome so I can't really get away with it. Anyway... thanks for loving me at my most annoying, for having sex with me to pass the time while I wear a sheet mask and still being able to get it up and for sticking with me even though I'm really wary of sharing things with others except, it seems, in writing.

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