j style//a look into the hair-chives

Ack! My eyebrows! Let's move on...

Way back when my hair was either shoved up or straightened. I used cheap apple-scented shampoo and conditioner. My hair {as always} was fine and flat and I had no idea. Sometimes I miss those days.

Fringe! This style came and went and then came and went for me. I ended up growing it out for the wedding and never brought it back. I crave it sometimes but, now, looking back I realise how poorly it was styled. I thought it looked good natural. Ha! Fringes are high maintenance. Never again. I also look like a potato here and just can't even handle it.

The fringe grows out. The hair is long {and looks super shiny}. I wore hoops. 

Pregnant with B. & I'm bra-less! Long hair and my fringe was all grown out.

This half up style is still one of my favourites but I prefer some volume now.

Then I did this side-swept fringe thing. Too fussy...

Then I went really short...

& now I'm somewhere in the middle -- growing my hair out with stupid split-ends that I can never find time to get cut. Ugh. I have my good hair days and my bad hair days. I have grey hairs that seem to multiple daily. I have frizz and a weird cow lick type thing. I hate and like my hair in the same measure and I dream of finding my "ultimate" style so I can stop looking.

{also I want to go pink}

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