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It's a rare occurrence for me to read a book all about females and female friendship. My natural instincts are to shy away from books like these because females, ugh! but when Harlequin sent me a brief description of Summers with Juliette by Emily Madden I couldn't help but give it a go. 

Juliette is a wonderful holiday read that dips, effortlessly, between light and heavy. Happiness and sadness. Love and death.

Juliette is terminally ill and calling in on a pinky promise she and her friends Anna and Sera had made almost twenty years ago. The two friends return to the beautiful coastal town that holds memories of a haunted past to help Juliette.

Summers with Juliette isn't a standard Australian read. It flows between beautiful sentences and stereotypical Aussie words like "barbie" {for barbeqcue} that usually make me shudder. In Juliette they fit seamlessly as does the cast of characters Madden introduces us to. We're invited into the coastal town of Ellesmere. We can smell the beachy air, feel the heavy down pour of rain and sweat in the heat.  

Madden is effortless in telling Juliette, Anna and Sera's stories. Of hospitals, failed families, terrible tragedy and confusing curses.

In Juliette I did not expect to cry and, yet, I found myself shedding tears and swallowing back despair as the story neared its end. Motherhood has made me more emotional, yes, but I wasn't sure this story could take me to the depths of sadness that bring about burning tears. For some time, I was forced to place the book down, remove my glasses and swallow the lump in my throat. I let the silent tears fall, cleaned myself up, slipped my glasses back on and continued.

Summers with Juliette is a quick read but don't mistake this as a negative. It's not fluffy and light. It has meaning and truly makes you pause for breath multiple times throughout. It makes you think and ponder and, ultimately, gives wonderful life advice in a wonderful story of female friendship.


Summers with Juliette by Emily Madden is published by Harlequin Books and is due for release in January.


*I was, kindly, sent Summers with Juliette by Harlequin for review. I was not paid for this review and was not obligated to give a positive review.

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