i have a thing for psychos

{Denzel always but for this here post -- The Equalizer}

As in, they turn me on. They make my crotch happy. You get the gist.

My Husband thinks I'm insane. I struggle between trying to not get turned on by the four above and not caring that psychos make my vagina happy.

I don't know what it is. It's slightly weird and even I get creeped out when Cape Fear {the DeNiro version} ends in escapades...

It may be the power.

The idea of all that bossiness resulting in really rough, amazing sex.

The spanking...

I don't bloody know but watching David Tennant be all creepy in Jessica Jones made me so hot under the collar that I wondered if I was a normal functioning member. I mean, I have severe issues with abuse and authority and here I am all turned on and mighty about bloody psychos. These people push poor sweet innocent girls in front of trains!

What am I thinking?

Clearly I'm not.

This is just like that time I was almost stupid enough to marry that balding-before-thirty-nerd. Oh wait...

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