friday five//the emergency gift guide

Did you know it's the last Friday before Christmas? Did ya? Don't worry, I'm not here to freak you out and tease you with my organised self. I'm here to help! I promise. And, also, there's no "organised self" here. See, I was working and when I wasn't working I was writing and when I wasn't writing I was with my family or cleaning or struggling to get out of bed so, no, my Christmas shopping is not done {nowhere near it actually} and no, I have not planned every food to be consumed on Christmas day. Nor do I have plans to make a special Christmas punch.

I'm in the same unorganised boat as the rest of you. It's not bad actually. And, well, truthfully, I've had all the shopping done for everyone not in my house for two months now but for the rest of them suckers {Husband, B, dogs}, well, life hasn't been as meticulously planned. Anywho, I kind of need this last minute gift guide as much as the rest of you busy/lazy fools. Here goes nothing --

right, this gift guide is more for me than anything isn't it? what use am I?


Also, did I mention that work is done for the year and I'm on holidays? I get to join B. and Husband who have already been luxuriating in the deliciousness of holidays for a week now. There's something wonderfully decadent about Christmas holidays isn't there?

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