friday five//my ultimate christmas wishlist

The thing about getting older, I've noticed, is that when Christmas comes around I can't think of anything I actually want. I have everything I need {Husband, B, doggies, love}. Corny, I know but when you get older and you learn that it's okay to do what makes you happy and remove negative people from your life, well, you kind of don't need things to fill your life with. So, you're stuck racking your brain as December begins. Life is hard, man, this massive amounts of happiness and no shitty people thing. So hard. I've racked my brain for something or, rather, five things that could sit happily under my tree --

want. harry potter colouring book -- because, obviously...
read. imagine a city by elise hurst -- a favourite for my collection
need. lemons holdall toiletry bag -- two of these actually, one for products & the other for brushes
play. despicable me life -- how could you not? although, this will most likely become our family Christmas Eve board game
wear. shimmering leaves ring -- simple & pretty

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