friday five

Last day of pre-school for boo. Last day of work for a Husband {I still have a week to go at my job job and doubt I'll take a break here}. A B. has graduated -- cap & gown style and we've celebrated with fancy outfits and her pick of dinner. Also, froyo. And gifts. Can't forget those. I can't quite believe that this year is coming to an end. Christmas is almost upon us and then the next thing you know the dogs will be getting scared from fireworks and Husband and I will be ringing in the New Year with mockbusters and sleep.

Then, it's back to work and B's first day of big school and uniforms and ironing and having to actually take some responsibility in life. I'm not sure I'm adult enough for this. Also, this Friday and next and then it's Christmas and the shopping and planning and budgeting has yet to really begin and, ugh, potato.

 thomas sabo love bridge bracelet -- get it engraved

& look, so fine, this doesn't fit with the want. need. read. wear. play theme but, ugh, I got bored okay? I'm fickle!

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