being mum//perfection is overrated

I have a confession. I hate bedtime. It's boring. Reading stories. Waiting until the kid is asleep until you can go do fun stuff like cleaning {ugh}. Mostly I hate the goodbye, the idea that I won't see B. until morning, that I have to leave her alone, that there's no time for snuggles.

I hate bedtime with a passion. I avoid it as much as I can and slip out before the story begins. I'm a fun parent! Bedtime is just hideously boring. There's no chance for Disney movies and popcorn. There's just that intolerable wait until morning until I can snuggle up with B. again.

Of course, my anxiety plays a part here -- something bad could happen while she sleeps and I am not there, so, like any normal functioning person I avoid it as much as possible. I tuck in and kiss goodnight. I also unintentionally hype up the child as much as I can without my Husband getting annoyed with me. I am a terrible parent. I know. Handcuff me and take me away {spank me if need be}.

If it makes you feel any better I also suck at my own bedtime.

Are there any parenting jobs you just hate?

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