we need to discuss my bag

 I have a problem. Here is my market tote. My mum bag. My carry all. Whatever. I take it with me most places. It's like a Mary Poppins bag. Medium in size but fits so much. I also usually take it with me to work and it is the day after such an excursion. I looked at my bag and thought wtf? and now, obviously, it is necessary that we discuss it. Let's dump it out...

Mostly rubbish. For a really organised person this is a shambles. I kind of hate and love myself. My bag is like my head. A big effin mess.

 The stuff I actually "need". Tea, nuts and mints for work or on the go. Missoni pencil case for lip products, Cookie Monster pouch for band-aids and mints, etc {none of which were actually inside on this occasion}, band-aids, pain killers, medicine organiser {ooh fancy}. There's keys with a Mimco key-ring, Mimco coin pouch and non-Mimco poof, steggy sunglasses, Moringa fragrance and a mini Daisy one, eos lip-balm, Louis Vuitton card case/key holder/wallet {holds every card I have with room for cash and other nonsense}, vintage mirror, happy plugs and pen. Oh! There's also some baby wipes in a fancy packet. Go me. 

Rubbish and B's stuff. Nurofen and dropper {only in there from a dash to the chemist}, Ancient Animals cards for B, more rubbish and a Shopkins and necklace for B. also. One of the wrappers is a Camel Ball lolly because when you pop into a random store you have to buy your Husband Camel Balls {disgusting, btw}.

So that's what's in my bag. Always. I rarely clean my bags out. Even when I'm done with them. Yes, I'm always losing things and I'm always finding things months after they've been presumed lost. I don't know what to do with myself. Send help.

Tell me -- what does your bag hold?

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