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I've spoken about my youtuber obsession before {right here actually} and today I'm gonna talk about it some more -- with different channels, of course. Since starting work I don't watch as much as I used to but browsing through videos at night/when stressed/bored/craving it is still one of my favourite things to do. Here are some current loves --

queen of sheba -- the only Aussie youtuber I've found that I can tolerate {ugh, I hate an Aussie accent}. Queen of Sheba has a lovely voice. She's also gorgeous, smart, hard working, funny and adorable. Love her. Watch every single video immediately.

nettie'sworld4u -- do I need to obsessively watch another LV obsessed girl? Nope. Am I going to anyway? Yep. Is it going to spur trips to Louis Vuitton? Double yep. Love Nettie for her style -- designer and casual. Classic and fun. She's super sweet and her voice is wonderfully soothing.

freddy my love -- like an Aussie accent I find English ones very grating. I'm very picky {and judgy, it seems!} but Freddy {and, yes, that's her name} has a lovely voice just like QOS {above}. She's young {I can say that now} but her age isn't off putting for us old folk. She's just lovely.

 last week tonight with john oliver -- he's geeky and smart and funny. John Oliver is always on point and he provides an insight into the world that is severely lacking. His opinions on Australia & Tony Abbott are hilarious and, quite frankly, he makes me happy in the neither regions.


Any Youtubers you love? Let me know below...

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