the simple things in life

Husband and I started when I was seventeen. 2 years later we moved in together into a crappy studio apartment that eventually had a water leak in the hallway. The strata ripped up the carpet and never replaced it so our hallway was stained concrete. We could barely afford the meager rent. We were always behind on some bill or another and we were so stupidly happy.

Gifts were never extravagant and if we had $50 to spare we felt like millionaires. Over the years we've always been, somewhat, frugal even as we've had more to spend. Either we were saving for a wedding or for a baby or for a house {the latter of which would never eventuate after Minnie passed}. So we gifted each other "handmade" items like this image above. Every year for Valentines Husband presented me with a mosaic image for my computer wallpaper. I wrote him a sweet piece. I felt on top of the world.

Now, we spend hundreds of dollars on gifts and it never seems like enough. I miss the simple things in life. Of course, I adore Louis Vuitton but, gosh, wouldn't it be nice if people savoured homemade gifts over endless amounts of stuff we don't need?

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