my partner in crime

In case you hadn't noticed B. and I are kind of a package deal.

This is how we shop.

I've always loved food shopping and B. loves it too. I never understood the whole shopping with kids is stressful thing. Shopping with my kid is the most awesome thing ever. We both get excited about the same thing. We both squeal and say "oh my god I need this!" and we both encourage each other to buy what makes us happy. Most of the time Husband struggles to keep up and just lets us do our own thing.

I've fully embraced letting B. wear whatever she fancies even if it means party dresses to bed. Because who am I to judge? I wear a Miffy shirt with holes all over it.

B. and I have the same sleeping philosophy. As in, take up the whole damn bed and hog the blankets. I mean, what fun is sleeping if you're not the only one having a good one?

Also, we can't be taken anywhere. We get bored easily and we're both very impatient. If we want it we want in now and, yes, five minutes is too long to wait. Also, we both find ourselves immensely interesting and have lots of fun just doing things alone because other people just get in the way. Ugh, humans...

B. of course, is also very much her own person and I do hope that she's not like me in every way {mentally speaking}. But most of the time we're two peas in a pod. Partners in crime who have more fun together than with other people. Maybe she's 4 going on 28 or, perhaps, and mostly likely, I am 28 going on 4. I have no idea if this is the right way to parent, this random style, but I hope it is because life is so much more fun with B. around and, as the saying goes, if this is wrong I don't want to be right. 

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