beauty//bareminerals complexion rescue gel

This stuff! I don't even know where to begin. It's hydrating and it covers and it transforms your skin into airbrushed but real perfection. What did I do without it? Looked hideous probably...

^yes, I am aware I have seven chins. all the better to wobble with...

The Bareminerals Complexion Rescue Gel {I'm vanilla} blends a range of ingredients that really love your face to give skin a quenching gel cream that's weightless and blends to perfection. Marine botanicals inject hydration and rejuvenate thirsty skin whilst mineral electrolytes {what?} help to engerise. 

What all this really means it that you get a naturally radiant {but not glittery/shimmery} colour on your face with an SPF 30 for sun protection. The gel is also hypoallergenic as well as oil, silicone, paraben and fragrance free. 

It lasts all damn day, is stupidly easy to apply{fingers or this brush} and is the only thing you'll ever need {sometimes I use a powder for some extra coverage but only when red/spotty}. Seriously. Honestly. Truthfully. You know those times when your makeup looks so good that you wish you were a dog so you could hump your leg? This is me every day with this product. It's that good.

Buy it from Mecca for $43 here and get on the humping your own leg craze

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