techly speaking//the most divine samsung note five case

There are a few things to know about me. 1. I believe chocolate is the most important food group. 2. I believe pants are a useless emotion and 3. I fall in love with inanimate objects. The latter is the case for the Official Samsung S-View Note 5 Case in silver from Mobile Zap.
 When I first picked out this specific case I was excited, of course, but I also like meh it's just a case. I quickly changed my tune when I received the package and felt my heart flutter. It's so gorgeous and, yes, it's still just a case but it's beautiful. It's lightweight and feels good in your hands, like a nearly nude dress. The S-View screen works just as well, or perhaps even better, than the old case I had for my S5 {yes, I upgraded models just for fun less than one year in. I hate me too}.

So what sets this case apart from the rest? In my humble opinion it's the S-View Screen that notifies you of a call and lets you swipe to answer or reject. You can also view the time and date, see text messages as they come in, swipe for your camera and to call your favourite contacts. You also get the option to have an S-View wallpaper that can differ from your home and lock screen ones.
The case really becomes one with your phone and since it doesn't have a clip in back cover it's not bulky or cumbersome. It's really quite sexy actually.

Aside from all these amazing features {and the fact that your phone is protected from harm all the time} the greatest thing is that this is actually an official Samsung case. Mobile Zap ain't one of those shops that sell "official" products that aren't really official. It's really real. Which I really like. 

& that's all folks -- if you're in the market for a new phone I highly recommend the Samsung Note 5 {it's gorgeous and easy to use and, also, this monster/space theme I have on it makes my heart happy} and if you get one, hop onto Mobile Zap and grab a case because they do great stuff and they think I'm awesome which makes them awesome-r..

*disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post. Mobile Zap gifted me this case, however, I was not paid for this review and was under no obligation to give positive feedback. Like always, these opinions are all my own. 

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