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I have always had a difficult time letting go of things. People, not so much. When I'm done with people I'm done and I don't look back. Comfy underwear, pyjamas, trinkets. These are the things I can't let go of. The other night I pulled on a pair of underwear that had stretched and sagged itself into two-three sizes too big territory. It was bliss. Until I noticed holes in the crotch area.

Now my Husband doesn't care what underwear I wear {though he'd rather I wear none}. He's never been that guy. He finds me sexy in anything {fool} and his reaction to this quite attractive {ha!} sight was to say it'll be easier for sex {and I get that, quickies would be a dream}. But aside from sex what good is a holey pair of underwear? So, in the bin they went. And it was hard man. So hard.

I have trouble letting go of true comfort items. I also have trouble letting go of sentimental pieces. Like this Miffy pj top I own. I purchased it before B was born. It's so damn softy and comfy. I wear it all the time. But since B. is 4 one might gather that it's also really worn. It's stretched thin beyond belief. It's also covered in holes. I can't get rid of it. It reminds me of pregnancy since I wore it so much. The stomach stretched so much as B. grew inside me. When I wear it I feel pregnant all over again. I love it. I can't.

There's also a pair of white and blue white striped pj shorts that I was gifted for the Christmas I was pregnant with B. They've also been stretched beyond belief and are now stained with blackboard paint after a frenzied time where I painted everything in sight. They, along with the Miffy, are so comfortable that it feels like I'm not wearing anything which is just the way I like clothes to be.

But, like the undies, they are beyond needing to go. We passed that point over a year ago and, yet, I can't take the steps to throw them away. I don't have the same issues with things that don't bring me joy {like these beauty products} but for the joyful, man, it's hard. Getting rid of the comfortable, the almost naked, is an almost impossible feat and one, for these two, that I'm not ready to make yet. Letting go isn't always so easy.  

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