misadventures in parenting//the toy conundrum

Want to know other reason why I suck at parenting?

I buy my kid toys. Too many toys. It's ridiculous and she's on the verge of Veruca Salt-ing herself and I just can't handle my stupid anymore.

The other night I hid myself away in her playroom and purged her toys. 5 large garbage bags full and her playroom was still basically bursting at the seams but it was more manageable.

The problem is whenever we go out I force toys upon her. Or shoes. Or clothes. And most of the time she will roll her eyes and sigh and say "but mum I already have a Star Wars shirt" or whatever else it may be and I'm like clearly you need another and then we get really excited and bounce off and go manic.

My thought process is - we have the money for it. Why not? But when your house is drowning in Shopkins baskets that never get used what's the point? Yeah, my kid might think I'm awesome but she might also think I'm a pushover or psycho and while I'm kind of both of those things I'm also not.

Husband and I discussed it. It has to stop. No more random hour long Toys 'R' Us visits while B. is at school to get her toys to come home to "just because". It's madness.

So, that's it. Reason 1 million at why I suck at parenting.

Does it help that I'm self aware?

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