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Lately I have been obsessed with fruity pieces, whether for myself, for B. or for the home. I'm not sure if it's because I'm desperate for summer {which is, admittedly, weird because I detest the heat} or because I'm just a fool who wants to carry a pineapple purse. Regardless, I've compiled a list of my favourite fruity pieces --

one. pineapple shoulder bag -- grown women are definitely allowed to wear pineapple bags
two. rock your baby adeline dress -- for my strawberry loving B. 
three. banana skirt -- necessary
four. apple sunnies -- for B. who loves sunglasses
five. Ikea fruit basket -- for play
six. watermelon storage bag -- love a good canvas storage bag
seven. strawberry balsamic candle -- how divine does this sound?
eight. watermelon light box -- perfection for a bedroom or playroom
nine. blueberry shower gel -- I adore fruit scented items
ten. apple ottoman -- adorable for a playroom
eleven. tutti frutti ice cubes -- who says ice cubes can't be cute? {nobody. nobody actually says that}
twelve. eating the alphabet book -- we love a good learning book over here
thirteen -- pineapple sticky notes -- perfect for planning
fourteen. fruity pj's -- for my sweet B. 

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