friday five//hearts. sails. tape. oh my!

Did this week go ridiculously fast or is my perception lonely over here? Hi! I feel like I did nothing and everything. There was loads of time and no time. I also feel like hours and hours sitting and waiting at a bank is just not on and - ugh - I never want to be back in that uncomfortable stool-ed position ever again. Also, you know when you have a really wonderful morning with your Husband and then the spell is broken by work and back pain so vicious that you're nauseous and can't see straight? That? My yesterday. Here's hoping that my Friday fares a little better --

Dangerfield/Princess Highway dress details -- anchor & hearts.
^also this blueberry dress I posted on Instagram {love}

Presents from Husband that he gleefully handed me after work one night {love that guy}

 ^a key because I hold the key to his heart, a puzzle piece because without me he is not whole, a heart just because he loves me, a peg to keep us together and a compass because he'd be lost without me {corny & nerdy & wonderfully sweet}

^the growing washi tape collection. What for? Planning, of course!

-- have a wonderful weekend, a happy {and safe} Halloween and if you're part of a "freak show", no performing you hear?

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