friday five

Sob. I fondly remember my stay-at-home mum days that were leisurely and awesome. I never really appreciated them. I do now. This week has been hard, man. It's had its good parts, sure, but for the most part it has been a stressful ball of poop that felt never ending. Now the end is nigh and I'm trying not to happy dance too early because there's still work to go to, cleaning at home and a child who could win a gold medal in vomiting. Ugh. Also, there's no time for Louis Vuitton and Williams Sonoma/Pottery Barn visits and what good is life without those?

headscarf obsession

 On my birthday Husband & B. took me to 2nd Hand Studio where this divine compact was hidden and waiting just for me. I fell in love with it instantly and adore that it's so worn.  

Birthday donuts from my sister from Pasticceria Dolce Mia. Stuffed with Nutella {she also gave me some caramel ones}. I can't even. So good.

The things that happen while I'm at work...

Birthday jewels from Husband {of which I don't know the brand but...} which are so very me. Love the watermelons for the hot weather and the teapot/teacup for always.

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