friday five

Don't even talk to me. I can't. School goes back next week. The last term of my boo not really/only kinda being at school. Holidays are over. Sob. Boo. Blah. Hoo. Don't even get me started on orientation days, school uniforms {why so expensive?} and pre-school graduations. I don't know if my poor fragile soul can handle it all. But, also, and not so sarcastically, I'm actually really bloody excited for the future. For turning 28, for orientation days at "big school", for pre-school graduations, for the Husband turning 30 and for the end of the year marking B. starting big school. When people tell you it goes so fast they're not lying. Wasn't B. just a baby?

Finally, a proper desk. I broke down and, so, of course, a spontaneous trip to Ikea was in order. Sunday was an 8+ hour writing day so a good desk is essential isn't it? As are candy jars and chocolate. You can't see it as it's hidden by Bilbo {my laptop} but there's a massive bowl full of lollies over there. This tray that I've hung on the wall is my new favourite thing. Husband bought it for me at Ikea {find it here} and it reminds me of us {also Sonny & Cher anyone?} 

I have a new found love for Lush {post coming next week} and I've found their Oatifix Fresh Face Mask to be the most divine at-home treat. It may look like vomit on the cloth when it's removed but it leaves your skin feeling so damn good that I think even if it was vomit you'd be slathering that sludge all over your face. It'd be your secret shame, of course, like whale semen {do whale's have semen?} or something random like that. 

All I an say {apart from all that jibber above} is that you need this mask. Keep it in your beauty arsenal always. Also, can you believe how great I look without makeup, with my hair all shoved back and that gorgeously stained pink headband? I mean.... I'd do me...

B. went to circus "school" and looked adorable. Yes, she's dressing herself and loving it.

This bag {from Robert Gordon} has been a wonderful purchase and is perfection for chucking random bits & pieces in.

Husband presented me with this as a "sorry I've been sick for months" present. As you do. I am yet to actually do any because it looks really darn hard and I'm really darn stupid.

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