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One day I woke up and decided that I wanted a complete skincare overhaul. No nasties. No blah. Just good stuff. So I headed into Lush, talked through everything with a lovely girl and walked out with everything I needed to reinvent my regime. The Lush list --

Update your shower with these divine cleansers {yes, I need both}: Ultrabland removes any crap from your face and leaves skin, once dry, silky smooth and full of moisture. Angels On Bare Skin may look scary but it's not. Grab a pea sized amount, make a paste and massage onto skin. It's cleansing, exfoliating and wonderfully calming. Now your face is done, reinvent your entire body with Buffy the Body Butter. It scrubs away dead skin and adds moisture in the same breath {so no lotion needed}. It truly kicks ass.

After you're all dry it's time to tone up. Use a cotton pad or just spritz the Eau Roma Water on your face for some more hydration and a the right amount of supple.

For day time moisture, grab something that prevents redness like this Celestial Moisturiser. It doesn't have a strong odour and it's luscious and just, simply, works. If it's bedtime opt for a serum like this Full of Grace bar that works with the heat from your hands. Rub onto your hands and then apply to your face. It's super thick, but not in a gross oil slick way, so it's great for absorbing while you get some rest. As for eyes, day and night, use this Enchanted Eye Cream. It's light and hydrating and has wonderful ingredients like lavender and honey to perk up your under eye area.

Got a spot? Use the Grease Lighting Spot Treatment for a no-stink no-burn cure. 

Want a treat? Use the Oatifix Fresh Face Mask. I mentioned it here and, yes, while it's super messy to remove it also leaves skin so smooth and clear it's worth it. Use it multiple times a week for something special.


What I really love about Lush, aside from all their products really work, is that there's no bullshit. Their ingredients are simple and transparent and they really do transform your skin. All of the above have completely reinvented my face and body. My skin is clearer and the dryness has long gone. As a bonus, breakouts are less common and even when I get one {and it's only ever been one at a time} the products I'm using everyday have already made it less of a thing. So, I keep doing what I've been doing and add the spot treatment overnight and voila -- gone. Pimples last a day and get progressively smaller over time. 

Happy. Oh, so happy.

I do love a spot of Lush.

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