friday five//hearts. sails. tape. oh my!

Did this week go ridiculously fast or is my perception lonely over here? Hi! I feel like I did nothing and everything. There was loads of time and no time. I also feel like hours and hours sitting and waiting at a bank is just not on and - ugh - I never want to be back in that uncomfortable stool-ed position ever again. Also, you know when you have a really wonderful morning with your Husband and then the spell is broken by work and back pain so vicious that you're nauseous and can't see straight? That? My yesterday. Here's hoping that my Friday fares a little better --

Dangerfield/Princess Highway dress details -- anchor & hearts.
^also this blueberry dress I posted on Instagram {love}

Presents from Husband that he gleefully handed me after work one night {love that guy}

 ^a key because I hold the key to his heart, a puzzle piece because without me he is not whole, a heart just because he loves me, a peg to keep us together and a compass because he'd be lost without me {corny & nerdy & wonderfully sweet}

^the growing washi tape collection. What for? Planning, of course!

-- have a wonderful weekend, a happy {and safe} Halloween and if you're part of a "freak show", no performing you hear?


the halloween edit

Even though Halloween isn't as big in Australia as it is in America I'm kind of obsessed. The costumes! I wish trick or treating was big here because my family needs to dress in Star Wars attire and get all the candy. Or we could all dress as Wally because that'd be adorable. Or minions. Or anything awesome and not particularly scary because I'm not a fan of anything overtly scary out in the open like that.

Halloween must-haves --

one. pumpkin costume -- B. insists this costume would be "uncomfortable". I insist that my child is ridiculous.
three. halloween nightie -- B. has just gotten into nighties {because she wants to be just like me, obviously} and this is so adorably perfect
four. teddy krueger jammies -- how can I not?
five. minion pet costume -- my dogs are minions
six. kooky socks -- who doesn't need cat socks?
seven. glasshouse pumpkin pie candle -- delicious 


adventures in awesome//family dates

One of the things I love most about our little family is that we always have fun together, no matter what we're doing. Some weekends are lazy and some are jam-packed with errands and others, like this past one, call for 25th of the month dates to celebrate marriage and love and each other. 

B. is always invited and she usually gets to pick the activity. Of course, where there's B. there's fro-yo...

& bowling

 & obnoxious picture taking

& when you're with people who love you just the way you are {even if you're a big nerd like Husband or a booger picker like B. or an anxiety case like me} you dance.


being mum. being wife. being life. would you die for this?

Recently, somebody asked me what I want Bailey to say about me when I die. I listed the usual stuff. Good mum. Good friend. Happy. When I finished they said that I hadn't mentioned my anxiety or depression in there. It seemed weird. Like duh of course I didn't, what a stupid thing to say. But after a while, it hit me, my anxiety and depression are a part of me but they aren't important enough to be remembered for. Around this time I also heard someone say, in regard to arguments with their partner, would you die for this? Since then, I've been aiming to ask myself these questions everyday, more often than not, multiple times a day.

Do I want to be remembered for this?

Would I die for this?

And if the answers are no, I change what I'm doing.

Of course, this is overly simplistic and some things are never that easy but for the most part it's a pretty awesome way to live. 

When I'm really depressed sometimes I can't pull myself out of it, no matter what. But other times I can and it's during those times I think about how Bailey will remember me. Will I be the mum in bed? Or the mum on the trampoline? Trampoline wins every time. Away I go.

When I'm arguing with my Husband, granted we argue about small things over large, I ask myself would I die for this? If winning this argument meant dying would I be okay with that? Again, overly simplistic, but, look at it this way -- would I be happy to die being right about dirty dishes? No. Would I be happy to die remaining someone who didn't hurt animals or other people? Yes. 

Am I making any sense?

I don't know...

I guess it's kind of like don't make a mountain out of a molehill.

Try and be happy every single day. Don't take a moment for granted. You get the drift. Arguing about trivial things isn't living life. Think about exactly who you are and who you want to be and live life with those things in mind. Let the rest of the stuff fall to the wayside.


misadventures in parenting//the toy conundrum

Want to know other reason why I suck at parenting?

I buy my kid toys. Too many toys. It's ridiculous and she's on the verge of Veruca Salt-ing herself and I just can't handle my stupid anymore.

The other night I hid myself away in her playroom and purged her toys. 5 large garbage bags full and her playroom was still basically bursting at the seams but it was more manageable.

The problem is whenever we go out I force toys upon her. Or shoes. Or clothes. And most of the time she will roll her eyes and sigh and say "but mum I already have a Star Wars shirt" or whatever else it may be and I'm like clearly you need another and then we get really excited and bounce off and go manic.

My thought process is - we have the money for it. Why not? But when your house is drowning in Shopkins baskets that never get used what's the point? Yeah, my kid might think I'm awesome but she might also think I'm a pushover or psycho and while I'm kind of both of those things I'm also not.

Husband and I discussed it. It has to stop. No more random hour long Toys 'R' Us visits while B. is at school to get her toys to come home to "just because". It's madness.

So, that's it. Reason 1 million at why I suck at parenting.

Does it help that I'm self aware?


friday five//the purchases five

This week I have to come to a few concrete conclusions. 1. Potatoes are definitely evil. 2. My Husband is a walking-talking male stereotype and it's v. annoying. 3. My child has inherited my Husband's putting away/cleaning habits and it's also v. annoying. 4. The world is def. out to get me. 5. Chocolate is the most delicious food in the world.  

 How many mugs are too many mugs? How many letter mugs? Regardless....

don't you need prescription sunglasses?
shush up you!

Louis Vuitton Key Pouch {cards & cash}

Ronald McDonald socks.
Best purchase of them all.


techly speaking//the most divine samsung note five case

There are a few things to know about me. 1. I believe chocolate is the most important food group. 2. I believe pants are a useless emotion and 3. I fall in love with inanimate objects. The latter is the case for the Official Samsung S-View Note 5 Case in silver from Mobile Zap.
 When I first picked out this specific case I was excited, of course, but I also like meh it's just a case. I quickly changed my tune when I received the package and felt my heart flutter. It's so gorgeous and, yes, it's still just a case but it's beautiful. It's lightweight and feels good in your hands, like a nearly nude dress. The S-View screen works just as well, or perhaps even better, than the old case I had for my S5 {yes, I upgraded models just for fun less than one year in. I hate me too}.

So what sets this case apart from the rest? In my humble opinion it's the S-View Screen that notifies you of a call and lets you swipe to answer or reject. You can also view the time and date, see text messages as they come in, swipe for your camera and to call your favourite contacts. You also get the option to have an S-View wallpaper that can differ from your home and lock screen ones.
The case really becomes one with your phone and since it doesn't have a clip in back cover it's not bulky or cumbersome. It's really quite sexy actually.

Aside from all these amazing features {and the fact that your phone is protected from harm all the time} the greatest thing is that this is actually an official Samsung case. Mobile Zap ain't one of those shops that sell "official" products that aren't really official. It's really real. Which I really like. 

& that's all folks -- if you're in the market for a new phone I highly recommend the Samsung Note 5 {it's gorgeous and easy to use and, also, this monster/space theme I have on it makes my heart happy} and if you get one, hop onto Mobile Zap and grab a case because they do great stuff and they think I'm awesome which makes them awesome-r..

*disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post. Mobile Zap gifted me this case, however, I was not paid for this review and was under no obligation to give positive feedback. Like always, these opinions are all my own. 


beauty//latest buys

 A trip to Bondi Junction Westfield calls for a few must stops. Louis Vuitton, Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn and Mecca. Oh Mecca my Mecca.

^all absolute must haves


personally j//let it go

I have always had a difficult time letting go of things. People, not so much. When I'm done with people I'm done and I don't look back. Comfy underwear, pyjamas, trinkets. These are the things I can't let go of. The other night I pulled on a pair of underwear that had stretched and sagged itself into two-three sizes too big territory. It was bliss. Until I noticed holes in the crotch area.

Now my Husband doesn't care what underwear I wear {though he'd rather I wear none}. He's never been that guy. He finds me sexy in anything {fool} and his reaction to this quite attractive {ha!} sight was to say it'll be easier for sex {and I get that, quickies would be a dream}. But aside from sex what good is a holey pair of underwear? So, in the bin they went. And it was hard man. So hard.

I have trouble letting go of true comfort items. I also have trouble letting go of sentimental pieces. Like this Miffy pj top I own. I purchased it before B was born. It's so damn softy and comfy. I wear it all the time. But since B. is 4 one might gather that it's also really worn. It's stretched thin beyond belief. It's also covered in holes. I can't get rid of it. It reminds me of pregnancy since I wore it so much. The stomach stretched so much as B. grew inside me. When I wear it I feel pregnant all over again. I love it. I can't.

There's also a pair of white and blue white striped pj shorts that I was gifted for the Christmas I was pregnant with B. They've also been stretched beyond belief and are now stained with blackboard paint after a frenzied time where I painted everything in sight. They, along with the Miffy, are so comfortable that it feels like I'm not wearing anything which is just the way I like clothes to be.

But, like the undies, they are beyond needing to go. We passed that point over a year ago and, yet, I can't take the steps to throw them away. I don't have the same issues with things that don't bring me joy {like these beauty products} but for the joyful, man, it's hard. Getting rid of the comfortable, the almost naked, is an almost impossible feat and one, for these two, that I'm not ready to make yet. Letting go isn't always so easy.  


the most important thing my toddler taught me: to be myself

I have had a little soppy-sweet piece posted on Ninemsn Pickle JoyTV.

Go on. I know you want to.


friday five

Sob. I fondly remember my stay-at-home mum days that were leisurely and awesome. I never really appreciated them. I do now. This week has been hard, man. It's had its good parts, sure, but for the most part it has been a stressful ball of poop that felt never ending. Now the end is nigh and I'm trying not to happy dance too early because there's still work to go to, cleaning at home and a child who could win a gold medal in vomiting. Ugh. Also, there's no time for Louis Vuitton and Williams Sonoma/Pottery Barn visits and what good is life without those?

headscarf obsession

 On my birthday Husband & B. took me to 2nd Hand Studio where this divine compact was hidden and waiting just for me. I fell in love with it instantly and adore that it's so worn.  

Birthday donuts from my sister from Pasticceria Dolce Mia. Stuffed with Nutella {she also gave me some caramel ones}. I can't even. So good.

The things that happen while I'm at work...

Birthday jewels from Husband {of which I don't know the brand but...} which are so very me. Love the watermelons for the hot weather and the teapot/teacup for always.


a letter to my younger self

Dear Baby-Jaye -- you're still going to love cake. Love, 28-year old Jaye.
P.S. you're tummy is still huge.

 Dear early 20's Jaye, look, you're going to forget even more things by 28. I don't even know how old I was here. I was still in uni and was un-engaged so that puts me anywhere between 19-21. How old are you eyes-closed-lady? How old? But, also, this letter isn't even about that so get over it...

You look really happy and since you're with Lindsay I'd say you actually really are. I can tell that you're not pretending to be happy though I know you've been doing that for as long as you can remember. I know you hate it and guess what? Eventually you remove the people from your life who make you pretend so that's good. I don't know if I should tell you that a year after that when you're married and have a baby your anxiety worsens and depression and ptsd and ocd hit you like a tonne of bricks? I don't know. I guess I already told you didn't I? Perhaps, I should say that you shouldn't let Minnie out on January 22nd? Whatever... This is still not what this letter is about.

Dear younger me,

One day you're going to be an adult and you're kinda going to suck at it and kinda be awesome at it. Mostly awesome, lets face facts. You believe chocolate is an acceptable meal and are stumped when you're ravenous at dinner. You finished work at 8.30 the other night and then your four year old wanted ice cream so you went to froyo and when you got home your kid was hyped up on sugar until 10.30 that night. School tomorrow should be fun for her. You're totally cackling manically now and hoping her teachers never find out. She's really cute though so it's acceptable.

Also, at school your kid learnt about halves and quarters and wholes. When her dad was quizzing her he asked "how many halves in a whole?" and before she answered you said "four" to yourself and were really quite proud. But then your FOUR YEAR OLD answered with "two!" and you felt really dumb. Combined with the fact that you didn't know how many eighths were in a whole and you really should go back to school. Pre-school. Join your kid. You'll love it.

Also, at work today you thought the correct change for $20.95 from $30 was 5 cents. Granted, sales aren't a regular thing but still... is everything okay up there? Maybe go have an MRI and check while your parents still take care of your medical expenses. Oh wait, your parents are terrible and left you in agony for 10 weeks with appendicitis. They could care less....

About that... give it until 22 and 24. You never speak to either of them again. 

Life is pretty darn good.

And your kid is finally asleep. 


Love, me. 


j reads//the gilded life of matilda duplaine

It seems a silly way to start a review but I need to get this off my chest. The font on this book by Alex Brunkhorst {and published by Harlequin} is divine and it's actually quite difficult to tear your eyes away. It's also a perfect beginning to the story itself -- this font -- and it's here we begin.

Meet Thomas Clearly. A young journalist who is granted exclusive entrance into Hollywood society. It's here, in this secretive world, he meets Matilda Duplaine who has never left the estate, her cage, in Bel-Air where she was raised. The two fall into a secretive love that threatens to ruin their lives and that of those around of them.

One might be mistaken in thinking that this is juicy or tawdry story. That perhaps it's one of those intrusive and thinly veiled Hollywood tell-all's but it's not. Nowhere near it.

The Gilded Life of Matilda Duplaine brings us a  forever love. It's sweet and sad and perfect in its realness. Brunkhorst brings us Matilda, someone so sweet and innocent, so smart, so sheltered and makes us believe it's true. That someone could be so hidden for so long. That, of course, this happens in real life.

Thomas and Matilda's story is slow and sweet. Sad and sappy. Wonderful.

Truthfully? The love reminded me of my Husband and I. Meant to be. Written in the stars. As if the world was invented just for them.

I'm not a big romance fan but this is something else entirely. It's devoid of throbbing members and shows a special kind of realness that seems so utterly lacking today. Brunkhorst gives a taste of old-Hollywood glamour, of riches rarely seen and of a true love that never dwindles in this wonderfully human tale.

*The Gilded Life of Matilda Duplaine will be released in November 2015. 
**I was sent this book for review by Harlequin but all thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not paid for this review. 


twenty-eight//a walking cliche

On Saturday I turned twenty-eight. I remember I was so excited, way back when, to reach double digits and now... now I'm all grown up. 28. Wow. I'm a walking cliche. Wanna know what I requested for my birthday? I wanted to share berries in bed with my kid. That's all I wanted for breakfast. For the rest of the day I just wanted my kid by my side. Cliche.

I would hate myself if my kid weren't so darn cute.

But really... I'm a very lame twenty-eight year old. 5 years married. 4 year old kid. Very much attached to pyjamas and bed. But if this is twenty-eight {and on} then I'm really excited to get older because life is pretty darn wonderful.


friday five

As soon as the clock strikes 1.00PM my weekend begins {though let's face it who manages to finish work as soon as the clock strikes?}. Nails. Shopping. Pre-birthday dinner. And then I get to wake up as a twenty-eight year old with my adorable family. I'm not sure it gets much better than that.

New sandals from Asos -- just quirky enough.
If you're in the market for some others: these pom pom sandals are also comfy, cute & fun.

Asos does good shoe. 
Leopard Slipper {runs a tad big}
Sometimes a girl just needs some cute & cheap flats to spice things up a bit

Sleeping B. She sleeps in her own bed but, sometimes, she says, she misses us so she does her little sleepy shuffle and climbs into bed with us. One of my favourite things.

School went back Tuesday. Boo. B. wore a Cotton On Kids dress & Star Wars cap. Cat shoes are from Shoes & Sox. Sunglasses are from cheap dollar store {which in Australia means anything more than}. Dressing for pre-school at a school is hard man. No uniform but also no open toe shoes and all tops have to have sleeves. Add that to the fact that she needs to wear stuff that can get dirty, etc and, sometimes, dressing is stressful. 

Settling in to watch American Horror Story: Freak Show which finally made its way to Netflix. This clown scares the crap out of me. I don't usually get scared but this guy terrifies me. I loved the first AHS, couldn't finish the 2nd after Maxy died and the 3rd wasn't tolerable so I'm hoping I'm not too freaked out by this guy to finish. 


Have a wonderful weekend everyone. I'll see you when I'm 28!


beauty//the "holy" products that i regret

I love a good cult product. There's something about it that just makes me happy. Perhaps, it's the community behind it. The idea that we all love the same thing and we'll all happily come together to sing its praises. So it's no surprise that I picked up the Naked Basics Palette and the Australis Contour Kit. Stunning shadow and clever contour. What's not to love? Well, everything apparently...

Now, I'm a huge Naked Palette fan. Number 1? Be still my beating heart. But this? Give me a break.
Sure, I get the idea of it. Basic neutral colours for when you want a fabulous nude look but these aren't any of those. They're just boring. Explain the colours to me. Please. Venus? Boring. Foxy? Chalk. W.O.S? Blah. Naked 2? Awful. Faint? Out of place. Crave? Unusable. Because the thing to top off a really plain neutral eye is dark liner. Sure. 

The palette is just boring. Plain and simple. So damn boring I can't even. The colours are barely blendable blah-filled sacks of crap. There. I said it.

Oh, look it's a cheap and cheerful contour & highlighting kit. Oh wow, it's sold out everywhere. It must be good! Australis is awesome! Their AC On Tour Kit is the best!

Lies. All lies. The kit is shit. The browns are either mud-like, poop-like or both combined. The "highlight" colours are plain old boring and really darn chalky. If I wanted to rub myself with mud, poop and chalk I would. If it's been raining all 3 are perfectly accessible to me {so goes life with animals and a kid}.

I don't care that this kit costs under $20 it's not worth your time. A debate with Tony Abbott and Donald Trump is worth more than this pile of crumbly crap.

I guess, if you like colours that mix together in the pan and fall out when opened because they can't do their one job and just sit there until needed then, fine, go for it. Have fun. Enjoy looking like a muddy poopy chalk person. 

{although, anger and sarcasm aside, I think the colours would work well-ish for someone with darker skin. I can't be all mean now can I?}


And those, dear friends, are the "holy" products I regret and which have now made a lovely home in my rubbish bin alongside leftover food and used tissues which is right where they belong. They have been freed. Master they are home. What an arduous journey that was.


beauty//the lush list

One day I woke up and decided that I wanted a complete skincare overhaul. No nasties. No blah. Just good stuff. So I headed into Lush, talked through everything with a lovely girl and walked out with everything I needed to reinvent my regime. The Lush list --

Update your shower with these divine cleansers {yes, I need both}: Ultrabland removes any crap from your face and leaves skin, once dry, silky smooth and full of moisture. Angels On Bare Skin may look scary but it's not. Grab a pea sized amount, make a paste and massage onto skin. It's cleansing, exfoliating and wonderfully calming. Now your face is done, reinvent your entire body with Buffy the Body Butter. It scrubs away dead skin and adds moisture in the same breath {so no lotion needed}. It truly kicks ass.

After you're all dry it's time to tone up. Use a cotton pad or just spritz the Eau Roma Water on your face for some more hydration and a the right amount of supple.

For day time moisture, grab something that prevents redness like this Celestial Moisturiser. It doesn't have a strong odour and it's luscious and just, simply, works. If it's bedtime opt for a serum like this Full of Grace bar that works with the heat from your hands. Rub onto your hands and then apply to your face. It's super thick, but not in a gross oil slick way, so it's great for absorbing while you get some rest. As for eyes, day and night, use this Enchanted Eye Cream. It's light and hydrating and has wonderful ingredients like lavender and honey to perk up your under eye area.

Got a spot? Use the Grease Lighting Spot Treatment for a no-stink no-burn cure. 

Want a treat? Use the Oatifix Fresh Face Mask. I mentioned it here and, yes, while it's super messy to remove it also leaves skin so smooth and clear it's worth it. Use it multiple times a week for something special.


What I really love about Lush, aside from all their products really work, is that there's no bullshit. Their ingredients are simple and transparent and they really do transform your skin. All of the above have completely reinvented my face and body. My skin is clearer and the dryness has long gone. As a bonus, breakouts are less common and even when I get one {and it's only ever been one at a time} the products I'm using everyday have already made it less of a thing. So, I keep doing what I've been doing and add the spot treatment overnight and voila -- gone. Pimples last a day and get progressively smaller over time. 

Happy. Oh, so happy.

I do love a spot of Lush.


the anxious me//at work & more

A few months ago I returned to work part-time and it's been good for my anxiety and depression and it's also been really bloody bad.

I don't know if it'd be any easier if I "only" had anxiety. As it is, and as I've mentioned previously, I have a whole host of other things to go along with it and I've spent long enough, now, living with them that when I speak or think about it it's referred to as: ADPO {anxiety. depression. ptsd. ocd}. It's not much fun being in this body most of the time. Every day is a struggle to not give in to all the negative thoughts but eventually it got easier. And now, well now it's gotten harder...

I guess new situations will do that to you. Applying. Interviewing. Training. Starting. All the new firsts I encounter every single day. No safety of my bed and blanket. It feels good to be out there and most days I'm fine but some days I find myself sneaking away to the bathroom to cry. Yep, I cry at work.

I get anxious. The depression sneaks in. I try to mask it all. I try not to let the critiques get to me. After all, I'm being paid to do this job and do it right and when I don't I need to be told. Yet, there are days when it feels like a constant barrage of "you suck" dressed up in a pretty bow and, of course, when you have a head like mine the "you suck" quickly turns into "you're worthless, die". And when that happens {even if it's less than 50% of the time} I find myself in floods of tears, calling my Husband in a whisper in {not on} the toilet and begging him to sing me The Lumberjack Song so the head spins can stop and I can stop crying and smile again because you can't not smile when your Husband is singing it to you.

I hang up the phone and dust myself off as best I can. I dab my eyes with a paper towel and try not to let the fact that the end just stabbed me in the eye break me. I go back, red-eyed, to my desk and hope that I don't stuff up again but in what feels like minutes there's another critique and I'm willing myself to not cry and just get on with it. But when the comments are all about the same things you were criticised and ridiculed about by your parents it's kind of really bloody hard to stay seated and not just get up and leave.

You're too quiet.

You don't smile enough.

You sound rude.

Why aren't you ever happy?

Why are you so grumpy?

These childhood comments rush through, stabbing at the parts where my anxiety, depression and ptsd lurk. Even if the workplace comments are worded nicely they still hit the same places and I'm still led to the inevitable conclusion: I am not good enough. Nothing I do will ever be good enough. I am worthless. Die. Die. Die.

Mental illness is destructive isn't it? It sucks. I hate it. But I win. I might still be sick but I don't get up. I don't leave. I stay at my desk and I don't cry as much as I crave to and I don't even consider pressing something sharp against my flesh to ease the pain. I try my best to get on with it.  To be better. To be someone else. To be the me before all of this stuff got the best of me. 

What I've learnt through therapy is that it's always been there, since I was young, but it's never been this bad. It's come and gone over the years but now it's just here to stay. I get that. I accept this is a part of me and now I'm not giving into the temptation of walking out on important things, or icy cold showers or sharp objects and flesh. 

Being at work makes it harder but it also makes it easier.

One day I'll find my groove and feel like I belong. One day I'll feel worthy. One day I won't have an anxiety attack in the car park of a Westfield after having an amazing lunch with my family. I won't have to focus on a puddle of water next to a dark stain while my Husband and kid rush to get me mints to calm the nausea. The anxiety wont hit me like a ton of bricks as my body struggles to cope with a crappy time at work the day before. One day...

Until then I always have The Lumberjack Song


j style//fruity pieces

Lately I have been obsessed with fruity pieces, whether for myself, for B. or for the home. I'm not sure if it's because I'm desperate for summer {which is, admittedly, weird because I detest the heat} or because I'm just a fool who wants to carry a pineapple purse. Regardless, I've compiled a list of my favourite fruity pieces --

one. pineapple shoulder bag -- grown women are definitely allowed to wear pineapple bags
two. rock your baby adeline dress -- for my strawberry loving B. 
three. banana skirt -- necessary
four. apple sunnies -- for B. who loves sunglasses
five. Ikea fruit basket -- for play
six. watermelon storage bag -- love a good canvas storage bag
seven. strawberry balsamic candle -- how divine does this sound?
eight. watermelon light box -- perfection for a bedroom or playroom
nine. blueberry shower gel -- I adore fruit scented items
ten. apple ottoman -- adorable for a playroom
eleven. tutti frutti ice cubes -- who says ice cubes can't be cute? {nobody. nobody actually says that}
twelve. eating the alphabet book -- we love a good learning book over here
thirteen -- pineapple sticky notes -- perfect for planning
fourteen. fruity pj's -- for my sweet B. 


friday five

Don't even talk to me. I can't. School goes back next week. The last term of my boo not really/only kinda being at school. Holidays are over. Sob. Boo. Blah. Hoo. Don't even get me started on orientation days, school uniforms {why so expensive?} and pre-school graduations. I don't know if my poor fragile soul can handle it all. But, also, and not so sarcastically, I'm actually really bloody excited for the future. For turning 28, for orientation days at "big school", for pre-school graduations, for the Husband turning 30 and for the end of the year marking B. starting big school. When people tell you it goes so fast they're not lying. Wasn't B. just a baby?

Finally, a proper desk. I broke down and, so, of course, a spontaneous trip to Ikea was in order. Sunday was an 8+ hour writing day so a good desk is essential isn't it? As are candy jars and chocolate. You can't see it as it's hidden by Bilbo {my laptop} but there's a massive bowl full of lollies over there. This tray that I've hung on the wall is my new favourite thing. Husband bought it for me at Ikea {find it here} and it reminds me of us {also Sonny & Cher anyone?} 

I have a new found love for Lush {post coming next week} and I've found their Oatifix Fresh Face Mask to be the most divine at-home treat. It may look like vomit on the cloth when it's removed but it leaves your skin feeling so damn good that I think even if it was vomit you'd be slathering that sludge all over your face. It'd be your secret shame, of course, like whale semen {do whale's have semen?} or something random like that. 

All I an say {apart from all that jibber above} is that you need this mask. Keep it in your beauty arsenal always. Also, can you believe how great I look without makeup, with my hair all shoved back and that gorgeously stained pink headband? I mean.... I'd do me...

B. went to circus "school" and looked adorable. Yes, she's dressing herself and loving it.

This bag {from Robert Gordon} has been a wonderful purchase and is perfection for chucking random bits & pieces in.

Husband presented me with this as a "sorry I've been sick for months" present. As you do. I am yet to actually do any because it looks really darn hard and I'm really darn stupid.


scream queens//the one show you need to be watching right now

Have you seen Scream Queens? No? What's wrong with you?


I have been patiently waiting for this since the first sneak peek trailer was released and last week it finally aired. I devoured the premiere in what felt like seconds, pausing only once to tuck my kid into bed. Toilets, hydration and nourishment fell to the wayside. I was hooked from the get go.

It's hilarious.


Not good to watch while eating.

Emma Roberts is on point. I imagine it would be an insane amount of fun to play to a raging bitch.