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2 must-watches: one movie and one show...

The Age of Adaline -- I've been wanting to see this since before it was released in cinemas and I, not so patiently, waited until it was released on DVD to watch it. It's beautiful and peacefully quiet in the best way and if you haven't seen it, you need to. You'll fall in love with Adaline herself {the way Blake acts young and old in the same breathe is quite remarkable}, the clothes, her nails, the make up and hair! Just beautiful...

 I tried giving Community a go, once upon a time, but couldn't get into it but then I read this piece on Alison Brie, and saw some rather risque photos, and had to give it another go. And now I'm hooked. So, thanks, for that, Alison. Luckily I was laid up for two days straight with pinched nerves in my back so I got to binge a wonderful amount. It's dry and funny and real and I like it. Yup, I like it a lot. 

I do wonder though, was Chevy Chase always this funny?

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