taking over australian fashion week with farfetch

I was recently contacted by Farfetch about their competition where bloggers {like me! that's me! hi!} get to "takeover" Australian Fashion Week. So, what's happening? I'm using this brain of mine {yep, I do have one} to take over Australian Fashion Week. In this post. Not for real. Because I'm me and ain't nobody actually hiring me to take over anything. Let's get into my takeover shall we?

I envision a festival of fashion that's more accessible to the masses. I want a fashion week where everyone who loves fashion is welcome. Any gender, any shape and size, any budget. My fashion week is structured and free flowing. It's traditional and nontraditional. It's a mass of amazing and it comes to life here --

It's still all about the fashion but it's not uptight {and pyjamas are mandatory}. I want brands that are accessible and play into the idea that everyone is welcome. We welcome diversity. We're approachable. We love people of all shapes and sizes. Men, women and kids. Everyone who adores fashion. We're not menacing or strict. We won't seem imposing or better than. It's all about the celebration, supporting one another and giving back. 
We'll swallow every inch of The Grounds. Rather than catwalks we'll have sections that flow beautifully. Here it's all about the designs becoming one with the beauty of The Grounds. Flowers, food, drinks. Fashion shows will morph into something else entirely - as if like magic.

 Baked goods.
Delectable one-serve salads.
Polenta fries.
Drinks for everyone.

Food & good times.

& what would I wear? These.
Gorgeous items while staying true to myself. Whimsical and serious. Fun and glamorous. Comfortable and beautiful. Everything that makes me me. Nothing less. Nothing more. A true representation of my fashion week take-over.

look one: dress, ring, clutch, heels

look three: cuff, clutch, dress, pin, heels

That's how I'd do fashion week.

How would you?

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