one month until twenty-eight//a lust list

It just occurred to me, as the first week of September slipped past, that I'm almost twenty-eight. When did that happen? October is creeping closer and in exactly one month from today the seven in my age will be replaced by an eight and I'll be older. I'm not scared of getting older, in fact I kind of love it, and I'm not as anti-birthday as previous years, yet, I find myself mostly unexcited about the day. It's just another day, really, isn't it?

In previous years I've had high expectations and wishlists up the wazoo but now...? I don't know. Expectations are useless and wishlists mean you're never surprised and all I want is to eat cake and spend the day with loved ones which is what I do pretty much every day of the year anyway. Still, cynical as I sound, I do love a good gift, especially when they follow this recipe --

love some good homewears

adult colouring is my new obsession and you can't go wrong with a favourite book and a sweet print

for the home// imagine a city print 

love a good mug/print/ridiculous item

love a good planner/diary {but only it's a daily one} and pens to colour/write with

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